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WWE SmackDown Results, Winners, Grades And Match Highlights From November 11!

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown Results

WWE SmackDown Results: The Usos’ defence of the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship on Friday’s edition of SmackDown offered them the chance to make history. If they prevailed, they would undoubtedly set a record for the longest tag team reign in WWE history.

But to do that, they had to overcome The New Day’s challenge as the previous record holders. Did Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods bring their title run to a crushing end or did they continue to be victorious, maintaining their control over the division and The Bloodline’s domination over the company as a whole? Learn more by reading this summary of the show on November 11.

Match Card

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match: The New Day Vs The Usos

WWE SmackDown Results

To start Friday’s show, The Usos attempted to go down in WWE history as the tag team champions who had held their titles the longest. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods of The New Day, who held the previous record, had to be defeated for Jimmy and Jey to succeed.

In a great opener, two teams with a history of show-stopping matches and exceptional in-ring chemistry authored the most recent chapter in their lengthy animosity. Every high point, close call, and the botched finish had a roaring crowd hanging on, raising the level of play and applauding the competitors for their effort.

Fans were on the edge of their seats when Kingston hot-tagged Woods, the champions nearly fell off of a double top-rope splash, and the challengers teased a title change of the Midnight Hour. In a last-ditch effort to uphold New Day’s legacy, Kingston leapt off the top rope and into the arms of his opponents, who promptly hit him with the 1-D to win and successfully defend the title.

Two teams that are equally responsible for upholding the tradition of tag team wrestling in our generation competed in a spectacular match. Although we often feel like we take The Usos and New Day for granted because of how much television time and attention they have gotten over the years, others do get their due.

They rose to the situation and gave another classic in the long run of them despite the contest’s high level of hype and the quantity of historical discussion. Without exaggeration, this was excellent.

Result: The Usos defeated The New Day to retain

Grade: A+

SmackDown World Cup Match: Shinsuke Nakamura Vs Santos Escobar

In the second bout of the evening, Santos Escobar of Legado del Fantasma faced off against Shinsuke Nakamura. Santos Escobar was escorted to the squared circle by Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde, and Zelina Vega.

As the combatants and commentary crew discussed the numerical edge Escobar and Co. enjoy, a competitive back-and-forth gave way to late-match interference from the heels. They did so in this instance, as Escobar was able to recover sufficiently to deliver an avalanche Phantom Driver for the pin-fall victory because of the distraction created by Nakamura knocking down Del Toro and Wilde at ringside.

Escobar displayed an amazing performance here, as Legado del Fantasma strengthened its position as a dominant force on SmackDown. Escobar is now positioned as a potential early favourite in the World Cup competition after defeating Nakamura.

This likely would have been much better with a little more time and without the annoying ad amid the game. It accomplished its goal of starting the competition and legitimizing Escobar for the time being.

Result: Escobar defeated Nakamura

Grade: C+

Bray Wyatt Makes A Friend; Six-Pack Challenge No. 1 Contender’s Match

WWE SmackDown Results

Megan Morant invited LA Knight to join her for a backstage interview, but the conversation was cut short by both Bray Wyatt and the video bumpers. After a tense exchange between them, the former Universal champion headbutted the conceited opponent.

Although it may have seemed like a haphazard start for Wyatt, this intriguing episode served as the prelude to The Eater of Worlds’ return to professional wrestling. To compete for the chance to fight Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, Shotzi, Raquel Rodriguez, Liv Morgan, Sonya Deville, Xia Li, and Lacey Evans engaged in a Six-Pack Challenge Match backstage.

The plot involving Morgan and Deville was continued, and Rodriguez teased some greater tension before Shotzi delivered Never Sleep Again for the win and pin-fall on Evans in a bout that was alternately wild and chaotic and disjointed and ugly.

As the head of creative for WWE, Triple H has accomplished a lot, including putting as many women on television as he could, but he needs to concentrate more on the SmackDown division and do a better job of creating stars and stories there.

Worse yet, they frequently feature women who have been underrepresented in the creative process and underwritten in previous multi-women bouts that have determined the current No. 1 contender.

The prediction of Shotzi winning was excellent, and maybe this is just the beginning of a long run for her. If there had been even a slight build-up to the victory or regular on-screen appearances by half of the participants, it would have meant more.

Yes, he has a lot on his plate managing five hours of television each week, but this is one area that might need extra attention to make these matches more meaningful.

Result: Shotzi defeated Deville, Evans, Li, Morgan and Rodriguez

Grade: C

SmackDown World Cup Match: Braun Strowman Vs Jinder Mahal

Following his triumph over Omos at Crown Jewel, Braun Strowman went on to defeat former WWE champion, Jinder Mahal, in a SmackDown World Cup preliminary match. The Monster Among Monsters overcame the heel’s initial attack to knock Mahal out with the Monster Bomb, as predicted by Wade Barrett.

This was a lopsided beating that more than anything else may have hinted that Strowman will win the competition and challenge GUNTHER for the Intercontinental Championship. Even while it is at best absurd to put the ice-cold Mahal over Strowman, it would have been wonderful to see a potential twist early on given that he is by far the biggest name in the field.

Result: Strowman defeated Mahal

Grade: C

B-Fab Vs Zelina Vega…Or Not

WWE SmackDown Results

The Viking Raiders made their return, flanked by Sarah Logan, delaying the beginning of the billed bout between B-Fab and Zelina Vega as part of the ongoing conflict between Hit Row and Legado del Fantasma.

Five male Superstars were destroyed by Erik and Ivar, but Vega was unharmed. Not so much B-Fab. She was knocked unconscious by a pop-up headbutt from Logan, who then joined her team and finished the part by standing tall.

Logan looked like a genuine badass here, presenting with a spooky new appearance and completely immersing herself in it. This was a heck of a relaunch for The Viking Raiders. This was far superior to anything we had previously witnessed from this combo during their time in the WWE.

The trio should succeed in ways they haven’t been permitted to, especially with Triple H in charge who seems to grasp this act better than anyone before him.

Result: No contest

Grade: A

The Bloodline Closes SmackDown

The show-ending portion of Friday’s show gave the WWE Universe its first glimpse of what the men’s War Games bout at Survivor Series will entail. Roman Reigns and The Bloodline entered the ring, perhaps to celebrate their victories from the previous week, but Butch and Ridge Holland of The Brawling Brutes interrupted.

The show’s finale featured a confrontation between the leading heel faction and the European continent, in which Sheamus and Drew McIntyre both made their return. However, the Brutes and McIntyre are uber-over and should ensure an excellent fight versus The Bloodline in the main event of the yearly premium live event.

There will be some who believe the War Games match should have more stars to warrant its place on the Survivor Series schedule. Additionally, it creates a scenario in which Sheamus might triumph and secure a match against Reigns at Royal Rumble, keeping both men occupied as WWE enters its most important phase.

Grade: A

Final Lines

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