Is CM Punk Making a Comeback From Injury?

The defeat of CM Punk by Jon Moxley in the AEW Dynamite World Championship unification match was possibly the biggest upset in AEW Dynamite and professional wrestling history.

Last night, The Purveyor of Violence stunned the wrestling community by defeating The Second City Saint in under five minutes. Additionally, Moxley decisively defeated Punk in the singles match to stop his losing run.

Fans are wondering what will happen to The Straight Edge Superstar now that he has punched his ticket to this years All Out main event. His unexpected defeat came as a result of persistent rumours that his on-again, off-again chemistry with Hangman Page was stirring up trouble in the locker room.

Although Punk has recently become the focus of the wrestling industry, it is unknown what factors the business considered when making its booking choice. The Straight Edge Superstar’s impending future is questionable given that AEW All Out is just around the corner.

Let’s take a look at five possible paths for CM Punk’s future in light of his devastating defeat to Jon Moxley this week. Is CM Punk Making a Comeback From Injury? This is a question that arises from fans.

5. Cm Punk Leaves AEW For An Extended Period Of Time

When CM Punk unexpectedly sold his surgically healed left foot while delivering a Roundhouse Kick to Jon Moxley with his right foot, wrestling fans were left perplexed. After the bout, AEW commentator TAZ even asked, “Did Punk come back too soon?”

The 43-year-left old’s foot injury appeared to have been exaggerated by the TV crew (in kayfabe). However, it shouldn’t be ruled out that The Second City Saint wasn’t at full strength before the title unification fight.

It’s possible that Punk’s maneuver really made his injury worse, which would account for the match’s early conclusion.

Is CM Punk Making a Comeback From Injury

If that is the case, the organization made the right decision by removing the AEW World Championship from him and unifying the title in front of Moxley’s home state of Ohio. For his part, CM Punk can stop competing right away for an indeterminate period of time to heal.

4. Jon Moxley II And CM Punk At AEW All Out

Following a farce in the eyes of many fans on Dynamite, CM Punk’s injury status (actual or work-related) is still unknown.

But according to a new rumor by Dave Meltzer, CM Punk and Jon Moxley will still compete for the prestigious honor in the All Out main event:

“We’ve only got just over a week, but it is Punk and Moxley. I don’t know if they’re gonna add stips or whatever, but that is the main event.”

Journalist covering wrestling added:

“[Punk’s] gonna be back in 10 days. Look, he’ll go in there selling the foot…the rematch is in Chicago. Punks gonna be cheered like crazy. Punk can play the babyface with the bad foot…and they can work a great match with that handicap.”

A pay-per-view in Chicago would be difficult to envision without the hometown hero, who has recently recovered from a terrifying foot injury. Moxley defeating Punk might just be a ploy to draw a lot of attention to the feud in the near future, setting up a major rematch at the All Out pay-per-view.

From a plot standpoint, it makes sense for The Straight Edge Superstar to activate his rematch clause on September 4 (assuming he’s healthy enough).

3. Tony Khan Reprimands Cm Punk For Getting Emotional On Live Air With Hangman Page

When CM Punk deviated from the script to criticize Hangman Page on AEW Dynamite last week, it was said that he “got into business for himself.”

Tony Khan cited “unresolved” anger that hasn’t been resolved since Double or Nothing this year as evidence that there is physical tension between the two actors in real life. Recently, there has been turbulence in the locker room as a result of the reported beef, with other celebrities spilling the beans.

Is The Voice of the Voiceless to blame for the heated atmosphere in the locker room? Tony Khan has met with his company’s talent on numerous occasions and most recently had a backstage conversation with Punk.

By disciplining the Chicagoan, Mr. Khan may have just sent a clear message to the entire locker room.

Does the squash fight suggest that Punk suffered repercussions for what he did last week on national television? If so, the corporation might temporarily put The Straight Edge Superstar on hold.

2. Cm Punk Fully Embraces His Heel Change

Unbelievably, after making a comeback at the Quake By The Lake edition of AEW Dynamite a few weeks ago, CM Punk has begun to lay the groundwork for a potential heel turn. Last week, his infamous call-out of adored babyface Hangman Page shouted a forthcoming character change.

At the conclusion of his match last night, Punk’s demeanor conveyed his shock. He might have felt deceived by the ecstatic response from the crowd following Moxley’s stunning victory because few people seemed to care when he collapsed and departed the arena.

Although the former AEW World Champion recently made it clear that he wouldn’t turn on fans in AEW, the action doesn’t seem particularly out of the question at the moment.

By forcing CM Punk to cheat in order to unseat Jon Moxley at All Out this year, the organization might pull off a startling swerve. Fans will cheer when the pay-per-view comes to a finish because it will be one of the biggest heels turns in AEW history.

1. Quietly Leaving AEW, Is CM Punk Planning A WWE Comeback?

There have been rumors that the Straight Edge Superstar is “unhappy” with the business, and the latest story suggests there were worries he wouldn’t show up for Dynamite last week.

While Punk is unlikely to leave AEW, a veteran told Fightful Select that “threats have been hurled” by the former WWE Superstar. Although it is unknown whether this theory is accurate, what if it were?

So perhaps the fans saw CM Punk’s final match in AEW. Could The Straight Edge Superstar make a stunning move as Cody Rhodes did given that WWE is courting an unnamed AEW wrestler for a comeback?

Given Punk’s historical history with the McMahon family, the concept could sound like a cold day in hell. However, since taking over, Triple H has been on a signing spree, so who knows? Perhaps he and Punk have put the past behind them.

Fans are left with more questions than answers in the wake of CM Punk’s shocking defeat, and it is difficult to make any predictions regarding his future. The most recent developments in this unfolding tale will be seen by wrestling fans on Dynamite the following week.

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