Corrections Policy

Even when every precaution is taken, mistakes in journalism are still possible and frequently occur. Domain Trip does not hesitate to notice them and respond when they are brought to our attention.

The goal of Domain trip Fact Check is to quickly and transparently fix errors. Within 24 hours of receiving feedback, we review it and make any required adjustments. If the required adjustments need further investigation or need to be made after contacting people for their opinion, it can take up to 72 hours.

We accept and encourage reader criticism in the comments section found at the bottom of each post, video, and article. Domain Trip monitors its sizable social media following and welcomes feedback from readers—both favorable and unfavorable—at all times.

If a news story undergoes a significant revision that lowers its overall rating, we will prominently mark the change as “Correction” at the top of the article and explain why it was made. This guarantees that each change has a distinct, traceable history.

An “Update” label is applied to the last portion of the piece if new information appears after it has been published that significantly broadens the scope of the story without altering the overall grade.

Editorial corrections that correct grammar, spelling, or typos are rarely acknowledged due to their negligible importance.