Seth Rollins Was injured During WWE Raw and Had to Be Assisted Off the Stage

Seth Rollins Was injured During WWE Raw: It’s possible that Seth Rollins got hurt in the main event of Monday’s WWE RAW. In the main event of the first 2023 episode of RAW, Austin Theory successfully defended his WWE United States Championship against Rollins. Shortly after the three count, RAW ended with Theory cradling the title while Rollins fought to regain consciousness.

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Seth Rollins Was injured During WWE Raw

Spectators at RAW reported that, following the match, when the referee was tending to Rollins in the corner, Rollins threw up the feared “X” to signal for assistance. While Theory celebrated their victory, Rollins held his knee and shouted at his teammates.

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After Rollins hobbled off the apron, Corey Graves made sure he was okay. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Graves could be seen rallying support and yelling at authorities to aid Rollins. As Theory’s song continued to play in the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Graves helped Rollins make his way to the rear.

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While leaving the ring, one spectator noticed that Rollins wasn’t putting any weight on the injured leg.

Rollins appeared to tweak his knee at the end of the RAW main event, which should be noticed. While this sequence appeared to be routine, it was followed by a moment in which Rollins missed a Stomp due to a leg problem, suggesting that this was merely a transitional phase of the contest.

Seth Rollins Was injured During WWE Raw
Seth Rollins Was injured During WWE Raw

Shortly after that, Rollins attempted a move, but again his knee gave out. The match ended with a low blow from Theory, followed by a chop block to the knee that ended Rollins’ match. This set up The ATL, which Theory used to win and retain the championship.

We don’t know if Rollins’ knee injury was real or if this was just a post-match angle to have him written out of the storylines until the Royal Rumble.

Since this article was written, neither Rollins nor WWE have addressed rumors of an injury.

Frequently asked questions

Did Seth Rollins get injured?

See Seth Rollins’s significant knee injury as he wrestles Kane at a WWE Live Event in Dublin, Ireland.

What injury did Seth Rollins have?

Michael Cole revealed on Monday’s “Raw” that Seth Rollins’ participation in WrestleMania was “in severe doubt” after Joe attacked him, and that Rollins tore his MCL in the attack.

Who hurt Seth Rollins knee?

Super Show-Down 33. It’s kind of strange how it works, huh? On Raw, Samoa Joe applied the Coquina Clutch choke, which led to the injury. You can hear Rollins utter “Ow” in the footage when Joe goes to knock him down, but only if you pay close enough attention to the moment when Rollins’ leg buckles under him.

Who is wife of Seth Rollins?

Lynch announced the pregnancy on an episode of WWE RAW, and Rollins later verified the news on Twitter. Becky Lynch, the wife of WWE superstar Seth Rollins, is the current RAW women’s champion.

Are Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns still friends?

According to Seth Rollins, he was just a “placeholder” for Roman Reigns, and he and Moxley didn’t have any hard feelings. In an interview on Friday, Seth Rollins revealed that he and fellow former Shield stablemate Roman Reigns get along “fine,” despite the fact that Rollins often feels like he plays “second fiddle” to Reigns.

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