Fact-Checking Policy

Every news article on the site is subjected to a rigorous screening process, and we strive for a 100% headline accuracy rate. Information that has been confirmed and information that is merely industry chatter that may be of interest to our readers are clearly labeled as such, while rumors and insider reports are labeled separately.

Before publishing an article, we ensure that any data used in it is current and reliable. We always double-check our information before beginning to write by returning to the original source (and references, if necessary).

We won’t call something confirmed until we’ve verified it completely, even if other outlets have already done so. Do not expect us to publish any content that is solely intended to generate clicks. We don’t make broad assertions just to make our headlines sound impressive.

It has to be true and verifiable. Domain Trip articles go beyond simply reporting the news by providing an authoritative context for its significance.

Our Domain Trip team is made up of writers with diverse backgrounds in the entertainment industry who share a common goal: to provide our readers with the best and most interesting content possible.

Because our writers and editors are seasoned professionals in their fields, you can be confident that each new article will be up-to-date and correct. When we are the first to report on something, we follow standard news industry practices.

The standards for What’s the Big Picture? feature articles remain the same, and we continue to emphasize the importance of research and objectivity – in addition to providing a coherent argument (and when drawing out a conclusion or theory, considering and including relevant counterarguments). We can cover more ground and anticipate our readers’ questions by taking this approach.