Netflix Series 1899 Canceled After Its First Season

Netflix Series 1899 Canceled: Netflix has decided to end the 1899 series after just one season. The news was announced on Monday via an Instagram post from showrunners Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese.

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Netflix Series 1899 Canceled

We regret to inform you that 1899 will not be renewed,” the notification read. The conclusion of this great trip with a second and third season would have been a dream come true, just as it was for us with Dark. Nonetheless, life doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to. Sadly, that’s the way it is.

We realize this will be devastating news to millions of fans around the world,” the message said. However, we would want to express our deepest gratitude for your participation in this exciting journey. All of us here adore you. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

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The eight-part series, which premiered on November 17, 2022, on Netflix, followed the exploits of a migrant steamship as it made its way westward. Another migrant ship, the Prometheus, is found adrift on the wide sea, and the passengers quickly find themselves embroiled in a terrifying and strange chain of events.

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Netflix Series 1899 Canceled
Netflix Series 1899 Canceled

Emily Beecham, Aneurin Barnard, Andreas Pietschmann, Miguel Bernardeau, Maciej Musial, Lucas Lynggaard Tnnesen, Rosalie Craig, Clara Rosager, Maria Erwolter, Yann Gael, Mathilde Ollivier, José Pimento, Isabella Wei, Gabby Wong, Jonas Bloquet, Fflyn Edwards, Alexandre Willaume, and Anton Lesser were among the

Adar and Friese hinted at plans for a second and third season of 1899 in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Adar and Friese’s previous series, Dark, ran for three seasons, and this one was a direct continuation of it. Both Friese and Odar have committed to the streaming service for an extended period of time, as seen by their multiyear, overall contracts signed in 2018. This agreement was Netflix’s first European overall deal, and the first new series produced between the two was in 1899.

Frequently asked questions

Is 1899 season 2 Cancelled?

The makers of the scary maritime thriller 1899 have announced that the good ship Kerberos will not be sailing again. On Instagram, showrunners Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar broke the news that they will not be renewing 1899.

Is 1899 canceled?

Co-creator Baran bo Odar confirmed the show’s demise in an Instagram post, and the news quickly spread. If things had gone as planned, the “1899” trip would have lasted three years.

Is season 2 see out?

When can we expect to watch Episodes 4-6 of Season 2 of See? Sadly, it appears that the release of See Season 2 will be delayed until the fall of 2021. The shooting schedule for season two is slated for October 2020 through March 2021, and that doesn’t even account for post-production or promotion.

How many seasons will 1899 have?

Netflix Has Canceled Season 1 of ‘1899’

A second season of “1899” will not be produced by Netflix. Baran bo Odar, co-creator of the show, confirmed the news in an Instagram post. Odar’s significant other and co-creator of the show, Jantje Freise, also put her name in the fan letter.

Why Netflix canceled 1899?

Despite 1899’s popularity, Netflix decided to cancel the show after just one season in what has become a signature decision for the company. This, as Wired puts it, “comes down to the data,” or what attracts and retains paying customers.

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