Gangsta Boo Net Worth: Analyzing the Rap Star’s Wealth After His Death at Age 43

Gangsta Boo Net Worth: Sadly, American rapper and Three 6 Mafia alumnus Gangsta Boo passed away at the age of 43. DJ Paul K.O.M., the creator of the hip-hop group, verified the news of her death by posting a photo of her to Instagram.
It has been reported that Gangsta Boo passed away on January 1 at around 4 p.m. CT in her Memphis home. Sources told TMZ that the rapper overdosed, but the official cause of death is yet unknown.

The rapper’s brother, according to a reliable source, overdosed during a concert they attended together yesterday night and was sent to the hospital. Although his condition has improved, sources say drugs were discovered at Boo’s murder scene, and a fentanyl-laced substance may have been the cause of her death.

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Several more musicians and artists also commented on DJ Paul’s post to pay their respects to the late rapper.

Lil Jon, the rapper, said:

Drum Major KLC penned:

The message read: “Sleep Tight, Be Strong, and Send Healing Thoughts & Prayers!!!!!”
La Goony Chonga, from Cuba, is a rapper who has said:

“Definitely not Lola. I can’t help but cry because she was so genuine. The queen has died.”

Gangsta Boo Net Worth

Rapper Gangsta Boo’s real name was Lola C. Mitchell, and she was born in Memphis, Tennessee, on August 7, 1979. By the time of her passing, she was worth an estimated $2 million, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

Mitchell became a member of the Three 6 Mafia in 1995, a crucial year in the group’s history. After K-9, she was the only other woman on the crew. Boo helped release their first album, Mystic Stylez, in 1995 while she was a member of the band.

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Gangsta Boo Net Worth
Gangsta Boo Net Worth

The hip-hop ensemble dropped Chapter 1: The End in 1996 and Chapter 2: World Domination the following year. When Smoke Clears: Sixty 6, Sixty 1 was released by Three 6 Mafia in 2000, it quickly rose to number two on the US R&B charts and number six on the Billboard 200.

When it came out a year later, Choices: The Album, also debuted at number four on the US R&B charts. In 2001, Gangsta Boo decided to leave the gang.

While touring with the band, the female rapper also recorded the albums Enquiring Minds (1998) and Both Worlds *69 (2001). Boo continued her career after she left, releasing her second studio album, Enquiring Minds II: The Soap Opera, in 2003.

A number of other rap groups and artists, including Prophet Posse, Hypnotize Camp Posse, Gucci Mane, Witch by La Chat, OutKast, The Game, etc., have collaborated with Gangsta Boo.

The Where Dem Dollas At rapper has just begun collaborating with Uproxx to promote her upcoming live shows and new music. December of 2022 saw the upload of a live performance of “I’m Fresh” by the singer to her Instagram account.

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Frequently asked questions

Who are Gangsta Boo songs?

American rapper Lola Chantrelle Mitchell, better known by her stage name Gangsta Boo (August 7, 1979 – January 1, 2023), was the second female member (after K-9) of the Memphis, Tennessee-based hip hop group Three 6 Mafia.

Did Gangsta Boo have children?

Indeed, I feel that way much more so right now. Therefore, you may understand why I choose not to start a family.

Who first started gangsta rap?

Singer-songwriter Schoolly D
Schoolly D, a rapper from Philadelphia, is often regarded as the first or one of the first “gangsta rappers,” and he had a major impact on the more well-known early gangsta rap originator, Ice-T. Rapper Ice-T entered the world in 1958, in his hometown of Newark, New Jersey.

Where is Gangsta Boo now?

LA — The Southern rapper and one-time associate of the Three 6 Mafia have passed away. At the time, she was 43 years old.

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