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Domantas Sabonis Wife: Meet Who Is She?

Domantas Sabonis Wife

Domantas Sabonis Wife

When the Sacramento Kings recorded a 48-34 record to secure the third seed in the Western Conference, Domantas Sabonis, one of the team’s players, helped the organization end its protracted postseason drought.

But given that the Lithuanian superstar has already made three All-Star teams, this shouldn’t be a surprise. But as Sabonis has been wrecking havoc on the hardwood, a woman is standing at his side, cheering him on. Let’s learn more about Shashana Rosen, the wife of Domantas Sabonis.

Who Is Domantas Sabonis’ Wife?

How Shashana and Domantas connected is a mystery. However, the couple became engaged in 2020 and will wed formally in 2022. The couple has maintained their relationship ever since.

In Los Angeles, California, Shashana Rosen was born in 1992. She attended Milken Community School, a private Jewish secondary school, to complete her studies. As a result of Shashana’s encouragement, she developed a passion for dancing and joined the school dance team.

Rosen also studied modeling at Elite Fashion Academy in Los Angeles, which is something we know about. Elite Fashion Academy aims to allow artists to enter the fashion industry. For Theatrical and Commercial gigs, Rosen finally signed with CESD Talent Agency.

As a cheerleader with The Laker Girls, Rosen began her professional career. Shashana Rosen began teaching dance courses at her own school named Movement-LA after a brief stint with the Lakers’ official fan club. She did so for six years.

A “high energy one for kids” is how the dancing lesson is described. Together with her brother Shai Rosen, Shashana created the studio. Along with founding Movement-LA, she is also responsible for starting The Company and Superstars Dance Studio.

Rosen beginning a career in dance shouldn’t come as a surprise. Her father, Jimmy Rose, is a well-known figure in the fitness business and has been interested since a young age. Rose is Super Gym’s Fitness and Sports Academy’s director and Fitness Blowout’s interim president.

The Kings star eventually got down on one knee in 2020 after meeting Domantas in May. In a Jewish ceremony, the couple exchanged vows in August 2021. The ceremony reportedly occurred on the French Riviera, specifically in the Ephrussi de Rothschild seaside mansion.

Shashana has continued attending Domantas’ basketball games after the wedding to promote his career. The Lithuanian player’s spouse has confidence that her husband will defeat the Golden State Warriors. She boldly predicted that the Kings would dominate the defending champs in six games.

The following report is similar to the one just presented:

Shashana is Jewish, so it’s unsurprising that her husband Domantas desires to convert. After buying Hanukkah donuts for Sacramento King’s supporters in December 2022, Sabonis made his interest in Judaism known. The first 500 spectators received a complimentary doughnut from Sabonis.

Shashana Rosen and Domantas Sabonis welcomed their first child together in March 2022. According to sources, Shashana claims that her husband is intending to convert to Judaism, as she mentioned,

“He loves [Judaism] and really wants to be a part of it. He has to fly, and he has to do those things, but he’s continuing his learning. We keep Passover, we keep Shabbat. We don’t drive, and we do Shabbat dinner every week. People that follow me [on social media] see how we do the holidays and Shabbat, and I think it’s really fun for the Jewish community to see that representation in basketball.”

Oliver Tiger was the name of the boy they both accepted into the world, the Lithuanian big man proclaimed to the globe. Considering that the pair is Jewish, Tiger also goes by Shiloh.

In the press conference, Domantas was all smiles saying “Yes, we had a baby. I’m very happy, I was with my wife and it’s wonderful.”

One year later, Sabonis and Rosen will welcome their second child in addition to being preoccupied with the NBA Playoffs. It’s a female this time. Shashana Rosen and Domantas Sabonis are content and think only good things will result from the three-time All-Star’s trade to the Sacramento Kings.

In an interview with The Sacramento Bee, Domantis said “Very excited, very excited. It’s going to be a big summer… She loves it. They’ve welcomed us with open arms since I got traded last year, so it’s nothing but great things.” But this is all we know about Shashana Rosen, the spouse of Domantas Sabonis.

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