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The Bloodline Plans, New WWE Title Belts, And More Are All Rumored To Be In The Rumor Roundup For September 28, 2022!

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Many pro wrestling fans like speculating about the gossip around the sport, probably second only to watching the contests. This daily piece examines the most recent rumors from the pro wrestling rumor mill.

We must always keep in mind that rumors are just that: hearsay. This is conjectured that is going around the pro wrestling rumor mill; nothing has been proven true. We track rumor veracity in a weekly article called Rumor Look Back, which you can see here. Keep in mind to take everything with a grain of salt. Also, Check Logan Paul WWE: Is Logan Paul Joining WWE?

Rumors for the Day:

Final Lines

Please feel free to mention any other fascinating rumors you may have heard in the comments below. Please regard them as rumors since they have not been verified as reality. To keep track of how frequently words prove to be accurate, visit our site and read our other trending articles WWE Extreme Rules 2022 Will Feature First-Ever NXT Stipulation Match.

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