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WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships Are Exchanged During Raw Night!

Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah faced IYO SKY and Dakota Kai BOXvvnyuG 1

WWE confirmed the two teams would face off again after the contentious conclusion to the Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament final two weeks ago.

When Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss interfered in the match between Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah and IYO SKY and Dakota Kai of Damage CTRL in the tournament final, they cost their Clash at the Castle opponents the tag belts, making Rodriguez and Aliyah the new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

The second meeting between the two teams happened on “Raw,” and the outcome differed this time. As the winners of the match, SKY and Kai stood tall in the ring after the evening with their hands raised. Although they have previously held tag team titles, this is the first time the two have held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships.

With former partner and fellow “NXT” superstar Zoey Stark, SKY won the “NXT” Women’s Tag Team Championship. Despite teaming up with her former partner and current former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Raquel Rodriguez, Kai nevertheless managed to win the same championship twice.

As more women hold gold in “NXT” and are on the main roster, SKY and Kai are now added to the increasing list. They join Rodriguez as the only women to simultaneously hold the “NXT” and WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles, which is more notable. Official Tweet By WWE:

The two, however, have accomplished more than just winning tag team titles in the WWE; SKY and Kai are also previous Artist of Stardom (Trios) Champions. Kai is a former Shimmer Tag Team Champion, and SKY is a former Goddess of Stardom (Tag Team) Champion.

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