Is Addison Rae Mom Pregnant? The Truth Behind the Viral Rumors

You can only currently see news of Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy on TikTok and other social media platforms. For those who don’t know, Sheri Nicole, alias Sheri Easterling, is the mother of Addison Rae, a well-known figure on social media.

Sheri shocked everyone when she made headlines at the 2022 MTV Music Video Awards with her first-ever relationship with Yung Gravy, aka Matthew Raymon Hauri. The couple was constantly touching each other, and flirty posts about them were all over social media.

The pair made their red carpet debut a month after being identified as more than just friends on social media, which left people in disbelief. The revelation took many people aback, and as they were still absorbing it, online reports of Addison Rae’s mother being pregnant began to spread.

Since the internet is such a bizarre place, many people doubt the veracity of the news. So, in order to provide correct information on the report, we conducted research to dispel any ambiguities.

Addison Rae Mom Pregnant

The claim that Addison Rae’s mother was expecting a child with Yung Gravy was false. This information was fabricated purely to generate unneeded false news. Popular platform TikTok is where phony news stories like the fake death of Lois Griffin go viral.

Sheri is the most recent victim when “justjayyy888,” a TikTok user, posted a TikTok video with a screenshot of the news story. The video quickly became popular online. It received a staggering 400k+ likes and 9.5 million views.

Of course, Yung Gravy and Sheri have already declared their love for one another. However, the pregnancy rumors are only a made-up tale by fans. The user even went so far as to modify the pictures, but the brief video convinced the admirers of the story.

Additionally, the statement got the attention of the major media. Later, it was made clear that the changes to the Addison Rae mom’s pregnancy tale were false.

Addison Rae Mom Pregnant

Why Did Sheri Easterling Break Up With Monty Lopez?

Addison Rae, Enzo Lopez, and Lucas Lopez are the three lovely children that Sheri and Monty are parents to. When Addison was very little, the former marriage first had a divorce. However, they later wed once more in 2017. The family moved because of the great amount of instability they were experiencing.

However, information regarding Monty’s adultery broke in July 2022. It was alleged that Monty was involved in numerous affairs. Intriguingly, every woman was a young woman, about his renowned daughter’s age. One of Monty’s covert liaisons was with Renee Ash.

Here are some other stories that are the same as this one:

When they began their fling, she was aware that Monty’s relationship with Sheri was finished. But she broke up when she learned the truth. She even admitted that Monty was dating other ladies at the same time. When they found out, the former couple broke up. In addition, when Addison Rae learned the truth, she was devastated.

When she learned the news about her father, it wasn’t a very comfortable moment for her. Additionally, rumors circulated that Addison was only somewhat pleased with Sheri dating Yung Gravy. Despite their brief connection, Addison Rae’s mom’s news of her pregnancy nevertheless went viral.

When it is revealed that Sheri is dating Yung, on the other hand, Monty challenges Gravy to a fight in the ring. Additionally, he made a derogatory comment about Yung posting his leftovers on Instagram. Even before Addison Rae’s mother’s pregnancy rumors, this was totally below the belt.

The oldest daughter of Sheri has recently made headlines for unfollowing her mother on social media. Addison Rae appears to have unfollowed her mother, Sheri Easterling, on Instagram shortly after ending her relationship with her father, Lopez.

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