After Hitting Petrol Stations a Truck in Norfolk is Hanging Over a Wall

On Wednesday afternoon, a truck crashed at a gas station in Norfolk and was left dangling over a retaining wall. “When it first happened, I could only imagine the worst that somebody up there was hit or dragged underneath the truck,” said Natick firefighter Scott Smith, who witnessed the crash.

After a truck slammed through a retaining wall and barreled through the gas station, it was a frantic and chaotic scene at the Daley Service Center. A pickup vehicle, an automobile, and a pump were all dented and destroyed when a truck plowed into them.

“I heard a loud bang. When I looked up, I saw the truck go through the gas pump, stop for a second and then he kind of sped up again and went flying through a couple of parked vehicles and almost over the ledge,” Smith said.

After Hitting Petrol Stations a Truck in Norfolk is Hanging Over a Wall

The box truck driver is seen being rescued by the fire department on cell phone video. Scott Smith was the one who warned them. “It was actually lucky nobody was walking right underneath there, that’s about a 10-15-foot drop,” Smith said.

Dunkin’ employees next door overheard the commotion. They observed the damage, which included one petrol pump that had been destroyed and was scattered across the ground.

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“Nothing big ever happens and all of a sudden there’s a truck hanging from Daley’s and yeah it’s pretty crazy,” said Dunkin’ employee Sarah Cullen.

While the crash caused significant damage, there was no fire or gas leak, according to the investigators. They are still investigating what led the truck driver carrying Falvey Linen Supply to become uncontrollable.

Those who saw it unfold are grateful it wasn’t worse. “We were all just praying that everyone was safe considering that gas was being used at the gas station,” Cullen said. “It’s a miracle everyone is OK.”

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