Who is Anthony Fantano’s Wife? Are They Still Together?

Anthony Fantano is an American YouTuber who has a channel and website called “The Needle Drop.” On his YouTube videos and website, he talks about and gives his thoughts on music from different types.

Many people like his reviews because they are interesting and have useful information. His reviews are also known for being smart and truthful.

The New York Times even called him “the most popular music critic in 2020.” But, there’s a question people want to know the answer to, who is Anthony Fantano’s wife? In this article, we’ll tell you about Anthony Fantano’s wife.

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Who is Anthony Fantano’s Wife?

Anthony Fantano’s wife is named Dominique. She’s from the United States and has said that she’s the youngest in her family, but she hasn’t shared the names of her parents or siblings.

She has African-American roots and is also a U.S. citizen. We don’t know her exact birthdate, but she’s thought to be in her thirties.

Anthony Fantano Wife
Anthony Fantano Wife

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When Did Anthony Fantano and Dominic Boxley Get Married?

Anthony Fantano and Dominique Boxley got married in the middle of the 2010s, but the exact year is a bit of a mystery because Anthony is private about his personal life. We can make an educated guess by looking at his YouTube videos.

 They appeared together in a video on Valentine’s Day in 2011, where Anthony told everyone he was dating Dominique. They decided to have a secret wedding away from the media’s attention.

When did Anthony Fantano and Dominique First Meet?

As for how they met, it was in the late 2000s when they first talked online. They both shared a love for music, so they quickly became friends. Their first in-person meeting had a rocky start because Anthony was 30 minutes late due to being busy.

However, even though they had a bit of a rough start, they found they really liked each other. Their first trip together was to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Later on, they went to Las Vegas, where they had some luck gambling and won over $300.

Anthony Fantano Divorce: Are They Still Together?

Anthony Fantano is getting a divorce. He’s a famous music critic and YouTuber, and people are talking about his break-up with his wife, Dominique Boxley.

The news of their divorce is getting a lot of attention on social media, and it’s got fans and followers of Anthony Fantano talking. Even though they tried to say they were still together in 2018, the news of their separation has come up again. People are guessing about why they’re getting divorced.

Anthony and Dominique met in the early 2000s and bonded over their love for music. They got married in the mid-2010s after taking a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania. Anthony usually doesn’t share a lot about his personal life, but Dominique has been in some of his YouTube videos from time to time.

Anthony has talked about how he feels about the divorce on his YouTube channel. But he’s also said that he mainly talks about music reviews and opinions, not his personal life.

We don’t know the exact reasons for their divorce, and we’re not sure if Anthony will talk more about it later. Even with all the attention on their personal lives, Anthony Fantano’s work as a music critic and content creator is still a big part of what he does.


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