Ashley Morrison Obituary: A Tribute to an Amazing Person and Friend!

On April 6, 2023, Ashley Morrison, a well-known kitten rescuer and foster advocate living in Seattle, Washington, passed away, shocking her family and the animal welfare industry. Ashley, often known as the “Youngest Old Cat Woman,” dedicated her life to rescuing and raising cats, especially kittens.

Tragically, Ashley battled mental illness, which her father also experienced before killing himself in 2015. Ashley tragically took her own life on Thursday, April 6, 2023, after losing her fight with mental illness.

On Sunday, a statement on Instagram that paid respect to Ashley’s unselfish efforts and commitment to rescuing animals in need announced the terrible news of her departure.

youngestoldcatgrandma posted on instagram, “It is with debilitating sadness in our hearts that Ashley’s family and I must deliver the unbearable news that she has passed away…..”

What Happened to Ashley Morrison?

Ashley Morrison, also called the Youngest Elderly Cat Woman, has died. On April 6, 2023, she committed suicide, shocking her family and many others. Ashley founded Ashley’s Kitten Academy as a well-known kitten rescuer and foster advocate in Seattle, Washington.

On April 9, 2023, information about her passing was posted. It indicated that she had fought with mental illness, which unfortunately resulted in her taking her own life. In 2015, her father also committed suicide.

Many of Ashley’s fans and lovers have expressed their deep sorrow at hearing of her passing, and her legacy as a devoted cat rescuer and foster champion is certain to go on for years to come.

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Who is Ashley Morrison’s, Cat Lady?

Ashley Morrison was a well-known advocate for foster care and kitten rescue in Seattle, Washington. Her dedication to saving and providing for abandoned kittens and cats earned her the nickname “Youngest Old Cat Woman.”

The non-profit company Ashley’s Kitten Academy, which Ashley founded, focuses on rescuing, fostering, and socializing kittens, giving them medical attention, and helping them find loving homes. Ashley developed a love for cats at a young age and has devoted much of her life to fighting for their welfare.

Ashley Morrison Obituary

Her Kitten School became well-known and respected in the Seattle area and beyond due to her commitment and labor of love, which helped save countless kittens and cats’ lives.

With a sizable online following and a social media presence, Ashley used her platform to spread awareness of the value of adoption, spaying/neutering, and fostering cats and kittens. Unfortunately, Ashley battled mental illness, resulting in her tragic suicide death on April 6, 2023.

Her demise has left a significant hole in the cat rescue and foster world, and many of her supporters and lovers are still in mourning. Despite Ashley’s early passing, her dedication to cat rescue and foster care will endure, and her drive to save cats and kittens’ lives will continue to motivate others.

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