How Much Is English Lyricist Bernie Taupin Net Worth In 2022? What Percentage Does Taupin Get?

Bernie Taupin Net Worth: The long-running partnership Bernie Taupin has had with Elton John has made him the most well-known English singer, lyricist, and poet. He quit school to work as a trainee in a local newspaper because he was not very excellent in his studies.

In 1967, he was fortunate to get work as a lyricist thanks to a job posting by a well-known music label. The singer John Elton, who was just starting his career, eventually caught sight of him. John personally hired him, and over the next 40 years, their artistic collaboration flourished and helped both of them become world-renowned performers.

One of the greatest singer-lyricist teams of all time, their work together has been hailed. The pair became well-known because of their tracks “Sad Songs,” “Nikita,” and “Levon.”

Bernie created books that were essentially collections of his poetry and lyrics in addition to his great work as a lyricist with John and a few other successful singers. His original artworks were reproduced and sold in 2010 while he also worked part-time as a visual artist.

Bernie Taupin Early Life

On May 22, 1950, Bernard John Taupin was born at the Flatters farmhouse in the rural area of Lincolnshire, England, halfway between Anwick and Sleaford. His mother formerly worked as a nanny, and his father was a farmer.

Bernie was different from his brother, who joined Grammar School because he was a good student. He acquired his mother’s exceptional writing abilities from her studies of French literature at a young age. His granddad, a Cambridge University graduate, taught him the majority of it.

He grew raised without electricity until he was five years old, and his family also experienced financial difficulties. He was raised by his parents as the middle child, along with his two other brothers. He dropped out of school when he was 15 and began working as a fresher for The Lincolnshire Standard, a local newspaper.

He went back to a local newspaper ad for a job offer for new composers during his late teenage years. Despite not being chosen, that event permanently altered his life. For the tune that inspired Elton John and Bernie Taupin to work together, Ray Williams was on the lookout for a lyricist.

Being up in a family with strong ties to the arts and literature had a significant impact on Bernie. The most significant effect on his early career as a songwriter was the French literature his mother had studied.

Bernie Taupin’s Personal Life

Bernie Taupin has never been in a committed partnership. He first married Maxine Feibelman in 1971, but the marriage didn’t last, and the two divorced in 1976. Bernie and Toni Russo married in 1979 after falling in love. This union also did not last very long, and the two separated in 1991.

Stephanie Haymes Roven and Bernie were married for the third time in 1993, but their marriage ended in divorce in 1998. In 2004, Bernie wed Heather Lynn Hodgins Kidd, and they have been together ever since.

Bernie Taupin Career

By happenstance, Bernie’s career as a lyricist began in the late 1960s. One of the stars at a significant record label, Elton John, was looking to employ a lyricist. Out of all the poetry he read, Bernie’s were the ones he enjoyed the most.

Bernie was contacted right away, and as a result, he made a triumphant entry into the world of songwriting. Since then, Bernie and Elton have collaborated on thirty albums while writing some of Elton’s songs.

Bernie Taupin Net Worth
Bernie Taupin’s Net Worth

Additionally, Bernie and John occasionally collaborated with different artists, but they always found a way to come back to one another. Their collaboration flourished in the early 1980s when Bernie contributed to albums by John Elton including “The Fox,” “21 at 33,” and “Jump Up!”

The popularity of the aforementioned records created a bond between the two, even though they had only sporadically collaborated during the 1970s. Bernie began serving as John’s primary lyricist after the early 1980s.

“Rocket Man,” “Crocodile Rock,” “The Bitch Is Back,” “Daniel,” “Sad Tunes,” “Nikita,” “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me,” and “Your Song” are some of the best songs Bernie penned for John. Through John’s domestic and international fan base, Bernie gradually began to become well-known as well.

He continued to write simultaneously for himself and other musicians. Two Rooms, a fascinating documentary that was produced in 1991, goes into great detail regarding the two artists’ creative processes. It explained that Bernie had separately written the lyrics and would give them to John.

John simply recorded music on them without even talking to Bernie and altering the lyrics to fit the music. Working together in this fashion was extremely unusual and outside the realm of customary international practices.

However, the working environment improved significantly during their cooperation. Bernie began going to the studios with John for a few particular tunes. The partnership was intensified in March 2006 when John and Bernie began collaborating on the Broadway musical “Lestat: The Musical.”

All 11 of the musical’s songs were written by Bernie. The same year, they released John’s record, “The Captain and the Kid,” to commemorate their 40 years of working together. Bernie made his debut appearance on an album cover in his career for the same song.

Additionally, Bernie has a long list of credits from his collaborations with other performers. He collaborated with groups like Heart and Starship. He co-wrote the lyrics for David Ackles’ album “American Gothic” and assisted in its production in the early 1970s.

Although the album didn’t sell particularly well, it did manage to garner widespread praise from both international and domestic music critics. Bernie has occasionally produced solo albums. His initial music release, “Taupin,” which was essentially a spoken word CD of his poetry, was released in 1971.

He then followed it up with the commercially successful poetry albums “Tribe” and “He Who Rides the Tiger.” Bernie formed the group Farm Dogs in the middle of the 1990s, and the group released the albums “Last Stand in Open Country” and “Immigrant Sons.”

Both albums garnered favourable reviews from critics who praised their singing and lyrics on them. In a poetry book named “Bernie Taupin: The One Who Writes the Word for Elton John” published in 1973, Bernie included nearly all of the lyrics he had written for John. Additionally, Bernie published a poetry collection called “The Devil at High Noon” in the 1990s.

What Percentage Does Taupin Get?

That implies that a 100% royalty pie will be shared by all. According to a standard industry norm, the lyrics are worth 50% and the music is worth 50% (chords, melody, arrangement, etc.). Good examples include Elton John and Bernie Taupin, who each provide 50% of the lyrics and 50% of the music, respectively.

Bernie Taupin’s Net Worth

Bernie Taupin is a well-known English lyricist, poet, and singer-songwriter. Bernie Taupin has a $200 million net worth. The multi-decade partnership Taupin had with Elton John, for whom he composed several songs, is what made him most famous.

Bernie wrote the majority of Elton John’s most famous songs. When both guys responded to an advertisement looking for fresh songwriters in 1967, their relationship with John was first established.

Actual Property

Taupin was reportedly selling a ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley for $4.7 million, according to a 2017 article. Bernie tried to sell the 30-acre property for $5.95 million in 2016, after having long owned it. He reduced the price and relisted the ranch after failing to find any interested parties.

There are separate rooms for a studio and an office, while the main house has five bedrooms. Given that Bernie is well known for his love of horses, the house has a “cavernous equestrian complex” that includes an arena and stables.

Even though Taupin loved horses, later sources said that he “never longer rides horses,” which was one of the reasons he decided to sell. A pizza oven, a pool, a pond, and outdoor riding rings are among the other delights.

Frequently Asked Questions

He is 72 years old.

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What does Bernie Taupin do now?

Taupin has been busy writing lyrics for the upcoming Elton John album and working on the eight-disc compilation Elton: Jewel Box. He called Rolling Stone to discuss both endeavours and to share stories from his extensive relationship with Elton.

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