Big Chief’s Fortune: How Much Is He Really Worth?

Big Chief is a well-known American street racer who has built a fortune from his racing career. His real name is Justin Shearer, but the street racing community knows him as Big Chief.

He grew up with his mother and has good memories of his father, who introduced him to racing when he was a child. Justin’s father was also a racer, and he frequently accompanied him to races.

Justin has always enjoyed street racing, and he was already well-known for it when he was just 12 years old.

Big Chief rose to prominence as a result of the Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws” series. He shows off his racing abilities, and fans of street racing adore him.

Continue reading to learn more about Big Chief’s Net Worth. His ex-wife Alicia Shearer may also tell you about his marital life and divorce, and he’s currently dating someone new, Jackie Braasch.


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‘Street Outlaws’ Big Chief – What is His Net Worth?

Big Chief is estimated to be worth around $2 million. He earned this money through street racing and appearing on the show ‘Street Outlaws.’

He began racing when he was 9 years old and was making money by the time he was 12. He saved enough money to buy a 1972 Pontiac LeMans dubbed ‘The Crow.’ This automobile could do some incredibly fantastic tricks, and despite its age, it was his favorite.

His outstanding racing abilities drew the attention of the producers of the TV show ‘Street Outlaws.’ It began as ‘Midwest Street Cars’ before changing to ‘Street Outlaws’ in 2013.

He was chosen as one of the primary stars to help make the show popular among street racing aficionados. In the racing world, he’s become a household name.

Before he got into racing, he had a shop where he sold items and made some money. He also worked at a gas station and met his wife there.

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Big Chief’s Divorce from His Ex-Wife, Alicia Shearer

Big Chief married Alicia Shearer in December of 2006. He met her first while working at a petrol station.

When they first met, their love affair began, and Alicia continued to visit Big Chief. They dated for several years before getting married. They had a wonderful marriage and two children, Covil Shearer and Cobrin Shearer.

Big Chief, the racer from ‘Street Outlaws,’ has expressed regret for not spending more time with his sons and wife Alicia as they grew up. His busy racing schedule kept him away from home frequently.

Their marriage encountered significant difficulties in 2017, and there were reports that they had divorced. Big Chief and Alicia Shearer kept their marriage private, thus nothing was known about them.

Big Chief New Girlfriend

Big Chief New Girlfriend
Big Chief New Girlfriend

Big Chief’s marriage suffered when he began dating someone new, Jackie Braasch, who is also a street car racer. People suspected him of cheating on his wife, but it was later revealed that he had divorced her secretly. He began dating Jackie after his divorce.

So he wasn’t cheating on his wife, as several gossip sites claimed. His supporters were unhappy because he didn’t discuss his marriage, but they continued seeing him with a new girl.

People got really mad, and it made him tell the truth. He talked about it on The Chief and Shawn show and said,

“It’s no secret that my wife Alicia and I, after 10 years, are getting a divorce. It’s more than just having problems, we are actually getting a divorce, and that’s happening.”

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