Bill Bellamy Wife: Who is She and Is She an Actress?

Following their wedding ceremony at the Hotel Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica in 2001, Bill Bellamy and his bride, Kristen, knew exactly where to go.

The comedian, now 57, remembers his big day and tells PEOPLE that the couple departed the ceremony “right after we said our vows.”

“We escaped all of our families and guests to this rooftop to take in the sunset and plant new seeds,” Bellamy says. “To grab a moment to collect our thoughts on all that had just transpired.”

According to the former MTV VJ, the happy occasion for the newlyweds had them “looking at our future as one and all its possibilities.”

With his new biography Top Billin’: Stories of Laughter, Lessons, and Triumph, Bellamy is now giving readers a complete look into his life on and off-screen, more than 20 years after the wedding.

The book, which will be released on April 25 just four days after Bellamy’s release of Back On The Strip, will examine Bellamy’s early attempts at comedy, his interactions with legendary figures from the music and entertainment industries while working at MTV, and his creation of the ever-popular phrase “booty call” on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam.

Bellamy writes in his autobiography that he “broke color and class barriers, appearing four times a week on the network’s various programs, including MTV Jamz and MTV Beach House.”

Bill Bellamy Wife

Additionally, it offers “celebri-tea” and “insights on what it meant to be a tastemaker during one of the most exciting and innovative periods in music and American pop culture history.”

“My memoir will be a nostalgic ride for the reader,” Bellamy told PEOPLE in November. “They will have an amazing, in-depth experience of the ’90s through my eyes.”

“Life will sometimes give you an opportunity — it’s what we do with the opportunity,” he continued. Bellamy admitted to having career regrets to PEOPLE in 2021, notably not trademarking “booty call” when he got the chance.

Bellamy regretted not considering a trademark during an interview with co-hosts Andrea Lavinthal and Jason Sheeler on a PEOPLE episode from the 1990s.

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“At the time, I wasn’t thinking of it like that,” he admitted. “I was just thinking of my joke. I didn’t realize the phrase would catch on to become like you said, a normal word that people know what it is now. Booty call was just a clever way to say you’re trying to get a girl to come by. But who knew that everybody was going to lock in on it? I probably right now would be on a spaceship if I trademarked it.”

In jest, he continued, “I mean, I’d be out there with Elon Musk somewhere.” Bellamy said that because “the phrase was so easy,” it got popular and developed into what it is now. People began grinning when he performed in clubs because they remarked, “That’s what it is,” he recalled.

Bellamy also mentioned how, before the advent of d@ting apps, placing a “booty call” required dialing a phone number. “Now that they have Tinder, they are lying. But back then, you really had to decide,” he remarked. You may now swipe left or right.

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