K-pop Band Blackpink Selected As Time Magazine Entertainer Of The Year 2022!

Blackpink Selected As Time Magazine Entertainer Of The Year: The four-piece K-pop group Blackpink has been picked as Time magazine’s Entertainer of the Year for 2022, making them the second K-pop group to do so after BTS in 2020.

The four, Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé, were chosen by YG Entertainment, a significant South Korean musical label that vigorously trains and screens musicians for star potential. After their 2016 debut, the group immediately achieved international recognition.

Blackpink Selected As Time Magazine Entertainer Of The Year
Blackpink was Selected As Time Magazine Entertainer Of The Year

After its release in 2020, their debut album, “The Album,” sold more than a million copies in less than a month. The duo looked back on their journey, from playing Coachella in 2019 to singing “Pink Venom” at the VMAs earlier this year, in a Time story honoring the Entertainer of the Year award.

Rapper Jennie told Time, “We worked hard to seem like superwomen. We’re just regular girls. Jennie said the band plays from the heart despite the pressures that come with their popularity. She claimed that we wouldn’t be able to achieve this if we approached the situation from a business perspective.

The group’s eclectic roots contribute to some of its international success. Rosé, an Australian singer who was born in New Zealand and raised there, said in the studio that it is “a bonus” that they all come from “diverse cultures.”

Dancer Lisa is from Thailand, whereas Jennie was born in South Korea but spent most of her childhood in New Zealand. Only Jisoo, the group’s singer, was born and reared in South Korea. Blackpink’s “Born Pink” world tour, which began in October, is currently taking them across Europe through the end of the year.

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