Blake Abbie Net worth: How Did He Earn His Money?

Blake Abbie is a member of the cast of Bling Empire: New York, but how much money does he have? Fans naturally want to know how much money their favorite celebrities have in the bank since they see the stars flaunting their luxurious lifestyles.

It’s about New York City’s influential Asian Americans. Few people in New York City can match Blake Abbie’s level of respect and clout. He is well-known in the publishing industry and counts several of New York City’s most influential fashion designers among his pals.

His popularity has increased thanks to his recent role in the Netflix original series “Bling Empire: New York.” Everyone is curious about the reality star’s wealth and financial stability. So, let’s do that together since that’s why we’re here!

Who is Blake Abbie?

Blake Abbie is the main character in the Bling Empire spin-off series Bling Empire: New York. The celebrity, who is 32 years old, was born in Montreal, Canada. His parents are from different cultural backgrounds; his Chinese mom and Scottish dad. Blake revealed his Chinese name to be Wang Li Min, in an interview with Mixed Asian Media.

My great-aunt has been responsible for naming every one of my ancestors. He said, “My great-grandfather was Wang Zi Min. Thus, my name has the same last character.

Blake Abbie Net Worth
Blake Abbie Net Worth

Blake Abbie Net Worth

Blake’s net worth can be calculated by considering his many income sources. In New York, the average yearly salary for an Editor at Large is $75,000. The average annual salary for a freelance editor is over $75,000, while creative consultants earn around $65,000.

Of course, we also can’t forget that Blake’s hefty resume shows years of expertise in the publishing industry, which undoubtedly helps him command a salary well above the norm. In addition, we think he got a substantial sum of money after his father’s untimely death in 2020. The sum of Blake Abbie’s assets in 2023 is anticipated to approach $5 million.

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How Did Blake Abbie Earn His Money?

Blake was determined to devote himself to his literary pursuits and musical avocations while in school. He decided to major in German language and literature, so he enrolled at Berlin’s Humboldt University. The reality TV personality studied the works of Bertolt Brecht, a modernist, to pass his C1 exams.

Blake also looked at UBC, where he received his Bachelor of Music in Voice Performance and Germanic Studies. During this period, he was a part of the University Singers, Early Music Ensemble, and Chamber Choir. The Netflix star’s hard work earned him the German Faculty Undergraduate Research award and a Ben Heppner Scholarship.

Blake began his career as an intern in the Agency and Production department at Total Management in Paris, France, in October 2011.

On the other hand, he quit his job in March 2012 and relocated to London, UK, where he currently works as an Accounts Assistant and Creative Copywriter for Saturday London. Also, that month, he started working as an editorial and digital assistant for Industrie Magazine.

Blake resigned in the first week of 2013 to take a position with Ever Manifesto as managing editor and creative consultant. Simultaneously, he took on the roles of Brand Consultant and Creative Producer for System Magazine.

This latter group also put him to work as Managing Editor. Blake relocated from London to New York in January 2015. He left his prior positions and became the Managing Editor of Document Journal, a position he maintained until July 2016.

Blake started working in A Magazine Curated By Editor At Large in January 2014, and he is still there at the time of this writing. Since January 2013, he has served as a Freelance Editor and Creative Consultant.

Interestingly, the reality TV star has also made cameo appearances in other films and played different characters in projects like “Ming Tian Hui Hao De” and “Meteor Garden.” He has joined Innovative Artists to pursue acting.

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