Brandon Smiley Cause of Death: The Mysterious Passing of Brandon Son of Comedian Rickey Smiley!

Brandon Smiley, who was born on February 9, 1990, learned from his father, comedian and actor Rickey Smiley. He routinely posted funny posts and pictures of his family with his fans on Instagram, where he had a considerable following.

In an interview, Rickey Smiley revealed that he had been married to Brenda, Brandon’s mother, for 12 years. Brenda’s siblings are D’Essence, Aaryn, and Malik Smiley, and Brandon also has a sister by the name of Taylor.

The comedian and actor Rickey Smiley’s son is Brandon Smiley. People are now anxious to discover What Was Brandon Smiley’s Cause Of Death after hearing about his passing on social media. Read on to learn the cause of death for Brandon Smiley and other pertinent information.

Brandon Smiley Cause of Death

The comedian and radio personality Rickey Smiley recently disclosed that his son Brandon Jamaad Smiley passed away from a heroin overdose. He advised parents to be aware that their children could not be immune to dr*g addiction.

A friend discovered Brandon, 32, unconscious at his Birmingham home on January 29, 2023. Officials immediately noted that there were no signs of misbehavior or injury.

In an appearance, Smiley asserted that he learned of his son’s overdose via his girlfriend while en route from Dallas to Birmingham and that he learned of his death from his younger daughter.

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People want to learn more about Brandon Smiley. Where Did He Die? According to records from the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office, Brandon Smiley, the son of actor and comedian Rickey Smiley, was discovered unconscious in his Birmingham home on January 29.

He was taken to a nearby hospital, where he later died. There is no proof that malice or trauma contributed to his demise. On Instagram, Rickey Smiley posted a confirmation of his son Brandon’s loss and a prayer request for Storm, her mother, and Brandon’s siblings.

Brandon Smiley Cause of Death

Smiley also stated in the video that he had left for Birmingham after hearing the news. On January 29, in a video on Instagram.

“I lost my oldest son #BrandonSmiley this morning. I’m okay, but please pray for my son’s mother Brenda, his siblings and his daughter Storm,”  he said in the video’s caption.

He says in the video as he boards a flight for Birmingham, “I just want all our cousins and different family members to pray, be strong.”


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