Carl Ruiz Weight Loss Surgery: What Happened to Him?

Carl Ruiz was a famous chef. He opened a restaurant called “La Cubana” in New York City in June 2019. It was known for serving delicious Cuban food. Before this, he co-owned a restaurant in New Jersey called “Marie’s Italian Specialties.”

Carl gained a lot of experience working as a chef in different places like “Brick Oven,” “Sabor,” and “Dash.” He also appeared on TV shows on the Food Network like “Guy’s Grocery Games,” “Guy’s Ranch Kitchen,” and “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives” because he was friends with Guy Fieri.

When Carl passed away, he left behind a lot of money, with a net worth in the tens of millions. What surprised many people was that he had lost a lot of weight, around 20 pounds.

Some people online made false accusations that he used drugs because of his weight loss, but Carl always denied those claims.

Carl Ruiz’s Weight Loss: Breaking Down the False Accusations

A lot of people were shocked when they saw that Carl had lost 20 pounds, which is a lot of weight. Unfortunately, some people on the internet falsely said that he was using drugs to lose weight.

Carl, on the other hand, always denied these lies. He said that he lost weight by making better choices in his daily life, not by using drugs or alcohol.

Carl Ruiz's Weight Loss
Carl Ruiz’s Weight Loss

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What Happened to Carl Ruiz from Food Network?

Sadly, just three months after he opened his own restaurant, Carl passed away in his sleep at the age of 44 in September 2019, in Maryland.

The cause of his death was a disease that clogs up the arteries, which can be dangerous, especially for the heart. He left behind his brother and parents.

His restaurant, La Cubana, shared the news on twitter and talked about how much they’d miss him. They also mentioned that the people who worked at the restaurant wanted to start a scholarship foundation for future chefs in Carl’s memory.


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Guy Fieri, a friend of Carl’s and also a Food Network star, expressed his sadness on Twitter. He said Carl was an amazing friend who always made him laugh and was a fantastic chef.

On the one-year anniversary of Carl’s passing, Guy remembered him on Instagram and encouraged people to go out to restaurants and leave big tips, just like Carl used to do. He wanted to help people in the restaurant industry, especially during tough times.

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