California Sheriff’s Office Says 6 People Including A Child Were Killed In ‘Cartel-Style Execution’!

At least six people were killed in an “early morning slaughter” on Monday in Goshen, California, including a woman and her 6-month-old child, according to investigators.

According to Sheriff Mike Boudreaux, six victims were discovered by deputies who responded to reports of gunfire after 3:30 a.m. on Monday, including two in the street and one in the residence’s doorway.

He claimed that both the infant and the mother, a 17-year-old woman, were shot in the head. At least one individual who was taken to the hospital but later declared dead was one of the other fatalities.

Cartel-Style Execution
Cartel-Style Execution

According to a recent press statement from the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, the person who reported the shooting “felt an active shooter was in the neighborhood due to the volume of rounds being heard.” Boudreaux added, “We do have family that has been evacuated from the scene.

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We do have survivors,” adding that it was unclear how they had survived what he called a “horrific atrocity.” The incident does not seem to be an act of random violence.

Still, it could be related to gang activities, according to the sheriff’s office, which also noted that it occurred one week after deputies carried out a search warrant for drugs at the residence.

Investigators believe that although opposing street gangs routinely commit violent crimes in the neighborhood, Monday’s killing had features of a drug cartel with a higher level of cruelty and intelligence.

According to Ashley Schwarm, a spokesman for the Tulare County sheriff, the sheriff believes it seems to be a “cartel-style execution,” even though authorities cannot establish the gunmen were members of a cartel.

Drug cartels are known for using lethal force, including the use of kill squads against potential rivals and law enforcement officials who threaten their drug trafficking operations. According to the sheriff’s office, detectives are hunting for at least two suspects.

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