Chrishell Stause Dating: Who Is She Dating Now And Why She Plan To Adopt A Baby?

Chrishell Stause Dating: The Australian artist and the star of Selling Sunset first crossed paths in October 2021. Ever since they made their relationship known in early May, they have been extremely open about it.

When Tan France, the show’s moderator, questioned Stause about whether she had been seeing someone meaningful after her breakup with Jason Oppenheim, Stause affirmed that she was dating G Flip.

The non-binary singer was introduced to the real estate agent when she was requested to appear in one of their music videos. The agent said that the Days of Our Lives alum leaped at the chance since she loves acting.

The couple has now moved in together, shared images of their PDA on social media, and even inked each other. After splitting from her co-star and boss of the Oppenheim Group, Jason Oppenheim, Stause entered a new relationship. In July 2021, the two first made their relationship known, and they split up in December of that same year.

Chrishell Stause Dating
Chrishell Stause Dating

Chrishell Stause And G Flip First Meet

On the PEOPLE Everyday Podcast, G Flip revealed they first met Stause on Halloween of 2021 and discovered they had a lot in common. “At that time, we were both dating our ex-partners. After that, we parted ways with our partners, and we just began chatting and doing things “said G Flip.

“Even though it can seem like we come from various parts of the world, we have discovered many similarities. Sometimes we discover how similar we are.”

Who Is Chrishell Stause?

Chrishell Terrina Stause is a well-known American actress who rose to fame after playing Amanda Dillon in the ABC television serial opera “All My Children.” In the NBC daytime serial opera “Days of Our Lives,” she also portrayed “Jordan Ridgeway.”

In the 2008 movie “Scaring the Fish,” Stause made her acting debut as “Robin.” She later achieved fame as a television actor and has portrayed some well-known characters, including Justine Befort in “Body of Proof,” Julius in “Curse of the Crimson Mask,” Zoey Miller in “Youthful Daze,” and Bethany Bryant in “The Young and the Restless.” Her acting career appears to be booming right now as she was given her first significant role in the 2018 thriller “Eve of Abduction.”

Who Is G Flip?

Georgia Claire Flipo is a singer, songwriter, producer, drummer, and musician from Melbourne, Victoria. They go by the name G Flip professionally. She began her singing career in 2018. She has established a reputation in just a few years of employment.

She is currently regarded as one of Australia’s most popular singers. She recently had a sold-out performance in Australia as part of one of her several sold-out tours. She is openly and proudly lesbian.

Chrishell Stause Plan To Adopt A Baby

Making future preparations. Chrishell Stause is addressing her desire to adopt while retorting to detractors. The star of Selling Sunset posted a picture of herself and her partner, G Flip, holding hands and grinning on Instagram. You may also read Leonardo DiCaprio Dating , and Rihanna Dating History.

However, she disagreed with one critic and responded to their remark on her Instagram story by asking, “You didn’t want to have kids?” Stause wrote, “Plz stop asking me this. This one didn’t contain the abuse I won’t give a voice to by reposting.

Stause continued, “I intend to adopt.” “I am aware that being on Selling Sunset gives me some right to questions and access to my life. But I’m sick of hearing this question. I appreciate your compassion and support for others.” “I found someone I fell in love with.

Not that scandalous. Love is a lovely thing “Stause threw in. Stause and G Flip have been dating for a while now. Stause split up with Jason Oppenheim, allegedly because of their divergent perspectives on having children in the future.

In a later article, she addressed this fundamental difference after another commenter stated, “It wasn’t hated, in my opinion. Because you were so focused on starting your own family and now you seem to be saying, “I’m living my best life, leave me alone,” I think your followers are a bit perplexed.”

“I wanted to start a family and find someone else who shared that desire. And two things don’t align for me if someone doesn’t know if they would ever even want to have a child and is not open to adoption “Stause said.

I only had love to give to my previous relationship. “However, I will now resume posting about my day. It’s okay if you still don’t comprehend after reading this response. You are not required. Please know that everyone involved and I am incredibly thrilled “Added her.

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