Dan Bongino Illness: What is His Current Health Status?

Dan Bongino is a conservative commentator, radio host, podcast host, author, and former Secret Service agent who has been vocal about his political views and his support for former President Donald Trump.

He is also a cancer survivor who has shared his journey with Hodgkin lymphoma with his fans and followers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Dan Bongino’s illness and how he overcame it.

How Did Dan Bongino Get Diagnosed With Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Dan Bongino’s cancer journey began in September 2020, when he noticed a lump in his neck while shaving. He initially thought it was a lipoma, which is a benign fatty tumor that can be easily removed.

However, after undergoing an MRI scan and a biopsy, he learned that the lump was actually a tumor caused by Hodgkin lymphoma. Bongino announced his diagnosis on his radio show and social media platforms, where he received an outpouring of support and prayers from his fans and colleagues.

He also revealed that it was a nurse who watched his show who spotted his lump and urged him to get it checked out. He thanked her for potentially saving his life.

What is Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. The lymphatic system consists of lymph nodes, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and other organs that produce and transport white blood cells called lymphocytes. Lymphocytes help fight infections and diseases in the body.

Hodgkin lymphoma occurs when some lymphocytes become abnormal and grow out of control. These abnormal cells are called Reed-Sternberg cells, and they can form tumors in the lymph nodes or other parts of the body.

Hodgkin lymphoma can cause symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fever, night sweats, weight loss, fatigue, itching, and coughing. Hodgkin lymphoma is one of the most curable forms of cancer, especially if diagnosed and treated early.

The treatment options for Hodgkin lymphoma may include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, stem cell transplant, or a combination of these methods. The prognosis for Hodgkin lymphoma depends on several factors, such as the stage of the disease, the patient’s age, general health, and response to treatment.

How Did Dan Bongino Treat His Hodgkin Lymphoma?

Dan Bongino underwent six cycles of chemotherapy to treat his Hodgkin lymphoma. He documented his treatment process on his show and social media accounts, where he shared his struggles and victories with his audience. He also expressed his gratitude for his wife Paula, who stood by him throughout his ordeal.

Bongino completed his chemotherapy in February 2021 and announced that he was cancer-free. He also underwent radiation therapy as a precautionary measure to prevent any recurrence of the disease. He celebrated his recovery by launching a new show on Fox News called Unfiltered with Dan Bongino in June 2021.

How Did Dan Bongino’s Illness Change Him?

Dan Bongino has said that his cancer battle has changed him in many ways. He has become more appreciative of life and more aware of his mortality. He has also become more empathetic towards others who are suffering from illnesses or hardships. He has said that he wants to use his platform to spread positivity and hope to others.

Bongino has also said that his illness has not changed his political views or convictions. He remains a staunch conservative who opposes the Biden administration and the progressive agenda.

He has also maintained his anti-vaccine stance despite being immunocompromised due to his cancer treatment. He has said that he respects people’s personal choices regarding their health and does not judge them for their decisions.

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What is Dan Bongino’s Current Health Status?

Bongino’s health status is currently stable and he is doing well. He has not reported any recurrence or complications from his cancer or treatment. He is still under regular monitoring by his doctors and follows their advice.

He is also active on social media and engages with his followers. In March 2021, he announced that he had received a clean bill of health after completing his cancer treatment. He said he was cancer-free and thanked his fans for their prayers and support. Dan Bongino says he’s received a “clean bill of health.”

What is Dan Bongino’s Latest Surgery About?

In February 2023, he underwent surgery on his elbow. The operation was a success, and he said the doctor did a massive cleanup operation on his elbow. He said his elbow was straighter than it had been in ten years. He posted a photo of his new elbow on Instagram and thanked his followers for their messages.

I’m doing fine! I had surgery on my elbow, and the doctor cleaned it up a lot. Thank you for your prayers and messages. I’m really grateful for them:


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What is Dan Bongino Doing Now?

Dan Bongino is currently hosting two shows: The Dan Bongino Show on radio and podcast platforms, and Unfiltered with Dan Bongino on Fox News. He is also a co-owner of Rumble, a video-sharing platform that competes with YouTube.

He is also the author of several books, including Follow the Money: The Shocking Deep State Connections of the Anti-Trump Cabal. Bongino is also an advocate for conservative causes and candidates.

He has endorsed several Republican politicians who support Trump’s agenda, such as Ron DeSantis, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert. He has also criticized several Democrats who oppose Trump’s policies, such as Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Ilhan Omar.

Bongino is also enjoying his life with his family and friends. He lives in Florida with his wife Paula and their two daughters, Isabel and Amelia. He also has a dog named Linda, who often appears on his show.

He likes to spend his free time playing golf, reading books, watching movies, and listening to music. He is also a fitness enthusiast who works out regularly and follows a healthy diet.


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