David Blaine Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does He Make?

David Blaine Net Worth: One of the most well-known magicians of the modern era is the American illusionist and magician David Blaine. He is well-known for his close-up and street magic performances, but he is best renowned for his endurance feats like spending days inside a glass box.

He is also well known for his street illusion in which he appears to levitate above-puzzled onlookers by defying gravity. David is a well-known figure in the magic industry who has done a number of popular shows all around the globe.

When he first witnessed a magician performing a live act when he was four years old, he developed an interest in magic. The young child became obsessed and began performing magic with tarot cards that his gypsy grandmother had handed to him.

His neighbor watched while he performed a trick for him, and the true surprise in his neighbor’s eyes inspired him to make magic his vocation. He also became interested in acting as a teenager and went to theatre school.

He had developed into a talented illusionist and a magnetic performer by the time he was 20. With the NBC show “David Blaine: Street Magic,” he made his television debut after becoming a well-known street magician.

From there, it didn’t take him long to dazzle the globe with his original illusions and feats, and he quickly rose to become one of the most well-known magicians in the world.

David Blaine Early Life

On April 4, 1973, David Blaine White was born in Brooklyn, New York City, to Vietnam War veteran William Perez and schoolteacher Patrice Maureen White. He has multiple ancestries. His mother was a single parent who had to work multiple jobs to support him.

When David was four years old, he witnessed a magician do tricks in the subway and was utterly mesmerized. With the tarot cards his grandmother gave him as a gift, he started practicing magic tricks on himself. His high school was Passaic Valley Regional.

He attended a Manhattan acting school after becoming interested in performing as a youth. He had made up his mind to dedicate his life to magic by the time he was 20. Although his mother gave him a lot of encouragement, she unexpectedly died of cancer when David was 21.

David Blaine Net Worth
David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine Personal Life

From 2009 to 2014, Blaine and French model Alizee Guinochet were engaged. Dessa, their joint child, was born in 2011. Three times, Blane has been the subject of inquiries and accusations of sexual assault. You might also look at Jeff Bezos and Dan Jewett’s respective net worths.

Sexual Assault Allegations

Following a story that appeared in The Daily Beast in the wake of the Me Too movement, British news outlets reported that Blaine had been asked to visit the UK for a cautionary interview by London’s Metropolitan Police regarding claims made by former model Natasha Prince that Blaine had sexually assaulted her at a home in Chelsea, West London, in 2004.

Blaine “vehemently denies” the accusations in a statement sent through his attorney, and he also stated that he would “completely co-operate” with any police investigation. After looking over her claim, the detectives decided against taking any further action.

The New York City Police Department looked into reports that Blaine had sexually assaulted at least two women in April 2019; however, no charges were filed against Blaine, and he was not charged with any crimes.

David Blaine Career

Beginning as a street performer, David Blaine was able to amass a sizable following because of his astute magic skills and endearing demeanor. He recorded a tape of his act after finding fame as a street magician and sent it to NBC.

His debut television special, “David Blaine: Street Magic,” was shown on NBC on May 19, 1997, after he was shortly contacted for an interview. Following it two years later, “David Blaine: Magic Man” was a huge success.

He traveled the nation for his performances, trick-performing in front of live, gullible crowds. He became a national celebrity after pulling off such feats in cities including Atlantic City, Compton, Dallas, the Mojave Desert, New York City, and San Francisco.

In 1999, he completed his first endurance feat by spending seven days submerged in a tank filled with three tons of water. Following this performance, he reached new heights of renown since he had surpassed his idol, Harry Houdini, who had planned a similar accomplishment but passed away in 1926 before he could carry it out.

In 2000, he pulled off the feat “Frozen in Time” in which he spent 63 hours, 42 minutes, and 15 seconds inside an ice block. In a translucent Plexiglas cage hung nine meters (30 feet) above the ground near Potters Fields Park on the south bank of the River Thames, he started his 44-day endurance stunt on September 5, 2003, three years later.

On October 19, he emerged from the case, exclaiming, “I love you all!” His tricks were more thrilling to witness as they got riskier with time. The illusionist spent seven days and seven nights on May 17, 2006, inside an 8-foot-diameter water-filled sphere in front of the Lincoln Center in New York City.

He received feed and air through tubes. At the end of the week, Blaine tried to untie the chains and handcuffs that had been placed around him after exiting the sphere but was unable to do so and needed assistance from support divers.

He conducted risky exhibitions throughout the following few years, including “Dive of Death” (2008) and “Electrified: One Million Volts Always On” (2012), the latter of which was a 72-hour endurance stunt carried out atop a 22-foot-high pillar on Pier 54 in New York City.

Throughout the entire stunt, he didn’t take any meals or get any sleep. He performed magic acts for his favorite public leaders and celebrities, including Woody Allen, Robert De Niro, George W. Bush, Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Harrison Ford, Kanye West, Jamie Foxx, and Ricky Gervais, in a 90-minute ABC television special titled “David Blaine: Real or Magic” in 2013.

David Blaine’s Net Worth

American illusionist and endurance performer David Blaine has a $40 million dollar fortune. David Blaine gained notoriety by following the tried-and-true method of Harry Houdini, which involves pulling off an amazing act and alerting the media in advance.

Due to his unique magic style, uptown-casual attire, and associations with famous people like A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Blaine quickly rose to fame as a magician.


David may easily make $5 million by playing at private events and shows in Las Vegas in a regular non-touristic year. His profits might reach $15 million a year if he goes on tour. He made $4.5 million in total revenue in 2017. He made $13.5 million in total in 2018, which ranked him as the fourth highest-paid musician in the world.

Real Estate

David paid an undisclosed sum in 1998 to purchase a 1,000-square-foot apartment in New York City. In 2016, he put the apartment up for sale for $2.3 million. He spent $1.675 million on a duplex residence in the Tribeca district of New York City in 2005. We believe he still has ownership of both apartments.

Final Lines 

American illusionist and endurance performer David Blaine has a $40 million dollar fortune. Please share this post with your loved ones if you enjoyed it. Keep coming back to domaintrip.com for more well-read articles about celebrities like Coolio Coolio and Trevor Noah’s net worth.


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