School Principal Jumps To Death At Disneyland In California!

School Principal Jumps To Death At Disneyland In California:  According to media sources, a school principal in the US state of California fell to his death from a parking garage at Disneyland and blamed his wife and a “flawed legal system” in his statement.

Christopher Christensen, the principal of Courreges Elementary School, committed suicide on Saturday night, just two days before he was scheduled to appear in court on allegations of violence and child endangerment.

He left a lengthy letter on social media before taking his own life that revealed a lot about his personal life and seemed to be quite different from the accusations made against him. “I hate when folks depart this Earth with so many unresolved questions,” said the Facebook post.

So, I hope this gives you some perspective and insight,” he wrote in a Facebook post. “This is Marlena, my wife. You heard me right, I assure you. Most of you are unaware that we got married three years ago in private. “Up until lately, Marlena and I have had a fantastic relationship.

School Principal Jumps To Death At Disneyland In California
School Principal Jumps To Death At Disneyland In California

We love and admire one another. “Unfortunately, she and I had a contentious dispute in front of the daughters two weeks ago at home. Strong remarks were spoken and tempers were raised. I never hit, slapped, or otherwise injured Marlena throughout this exchange, though.

And I never touched the females (and I never will),” he continued, adding that he cared for them “like my own.” Sadly, Marlena’s rage got the better of her that evening, and she phoned the police, which put me in jail that night.

Yes, me! Somebody who has never struck out or hurt anyone in his life! He insisted repeatedly that there was a serious defect in the legal system in place and that his charges were unjustified. “I am about to lose my work since I am on administrative leave while my case is being handled.

It’s horrible how fast and easy an innocent man can be imprisoned based on zero evidence or proof, but the judicial system is seriously defective (particularly against males and fathers!). So, here I am, writing my last Facebook post to you all.

The principal delivered his final lesson, which read as follows, just before he ended his suicide note: “People need to start behaving better toward one another because there is too much anger in the world. The example I just gave you shows how “rage” can have long-lasting and seriously detrimental impacts on a person’s life.

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