Dexter Prequel Series Officially Ordered by Showtime Plus

Last week, there were whispers that “Dexter” might soon make a comeback in a new prequel series. This week, Showtime verified those claims with the Wall Street Journal.

Wall Street Journal reports:

“The network has ordered an origin-story prequel to Dexter, a serial-killer drama that dates back to 2006.

Showtime is also exploring separate spinoffs based on the back stories of compelling Dexter characters, including the Trinity Killer.”

The site’s report continues:

“The origin story will be set in Dexter’s hometown of Miami, and will touch on stories of real-life serial killers of the time period,” 

Dexter Morgan’s early years as he began to develop into the vengeful serial killer he would become will be dramatized in “Dexter: Origins.”

The program will start as Dexter graduates from college and joins Miami Metro, where he encounters younger versions of many of the people we got to know in the original show. It is set in Miami, a hotspot of real serial killers of his day.

Dexter Prequel Series Officially Ordered by Showtime Plus
Dexter Prequel Series Officially Ordered by Showtime Plus

The show will also naturally focus on Dexter’s family, which includes a very much alive Harry and a powerful, young Deb. The popular revival series “Dexter: New Blood” from last year was not renewed for a second season, according to news reports from the previous week. However, it appears that story was inaccurate.

Information related to other programs underlying in these links:

This afternoon, the network revealed that they’re also creating a new season of “Dexter: New Blood,” which follows the development of Dexter’s kid Harrison. Harrison, Dexter’s son, is the main character in the drama.

Harrison made it through his stormy reintroduction to his father and fled to New York City, where he must confront his violent tendencies and consider whether, like his father, he too is driven to kill. “New Blood” will examine the same themes and situations as the original Showtime series through a fresh perspective.

Below we have a tweet you can see and learn more about Dexter Prequel Series:

Last year, “Dexter: New Blood,” with an average of almost 8 million weekly viewers across platforms, broke the record for most viewers in Showtime history. It appears that Showtime wants to expand the “Dexter” universe entirely based on that success.

As you may have heard last week, the network will shortly merge with Paramount+ across linear and streaming and be renamed “Paramount+ with Showtime.”

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