Dick Vitale Illness: How does His Health Getting Worse?

Vitale is a guy who talks about college basketball on TV for a really long time, more than 40 years on a channel called ESPN. He was born a long time ago in a place called Passaic, New Jersey, in June 1939. His mom’s name is Mae and she sews things in a factory. His dad’s name is John, and he used to iron clothes and also keep things safe. Vitale has a brother named John Jr., which is kinda interesting.

People are a bit worried about Dick Vitale, who’s a famous guy that talks about sports on TV with a lot of energy. Fans want to know if he’s feeling okay or if he’s sick with something serious. But what’s important to know is that until September 2021, there haven’t been any stories or public talk about Dick Vitale being really sick. So if you want to know how he’s doing now, you should look at the newest info from places you trust.

Dick Vitale Illness

Just over two months ago, Dick Vitale, who’s a seasoned expert on TV, came back to television after dealing with lymphoma and a problem with his vocal cords. He talked positively about his health. In August, he said he didn’t have c@ncer anymore, which was great news.

But recently, he went to a doctor named Steven Zeitels for his regular checkup. He shared the results on Twitter. The doctor found a small growth on his vocal cords, and it made him a bit scared. The good part is that the doctor took out the growth, and it wasn’t c@ncer. They did this in the doctor’s office using some medicine to make him sleep.

Even though he had this quick treatment, he could still talk at an event in Boston. This was a big relief for Vitale, who talks about college basketball. He thanked Zeitels for taking out the growth that wasn’t c@ncer. Even though he had the procedure, he could still do his job and speak at the event.

Check out the embedded tweet below for the full statement:

This good news marked another positive move for Vitale, who had recently returned to TV on November 15. He had taken a break from his job in December 2021. A bit after having several surgeries to remove melanoma, he found out he had lymphoma and another issue.

In the 2022 Champions Classic game between Kentucky and Michigan State, Vitale came back to the basketball scene after almost a year away. He hadn’t been around much during the previous college basketball season of 2021-22.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, to so many who encouraged me and inspired me to really battle, and to win that battle,” Vitale said on that broadcast.

The Twitter post below contains a clip of the broadcast. Click to watch:

Find out what’s wrong with the health of the people you like. Read our source stories to find out more about their health. Here are some links to stories that haven’t been told:

Dick Vitale Early Life

Dick Vitale is a guy from the United States who used to be a coach and now talks about sports on TV. He’s been doing this for a long time. For 40 years, he was on a channel called ESPN talking about college basketball games. He got famous for his funny sayings and exciting way of talking. He’s also written books and been in some movies. He was born in a place called Passaic in 1939, and he grew up in a nearby town called Garfield.

His mom and dad, Mae and John, both worked with clothes. John was in charge of pressing clothes and keeping things safe, while Mae sewed them. Vitale went to East Rutherford High School, and then he went to Seton Hall University for his college degree in business.

Dick Vitale Illness

Later, he went to William Paterson University for more education and got a master’s degree in teaching. Back in 1958, Vitale started coaching at a school in Garfield, New Jersey.

He coached at different levels and eventually became a coach at East Rutherford High School, where he went to school. He did really well, winning two big titles in New Jersey. He had a good record of 131 wins and 47 losses from 1964 to 1971.

Dick Vitale Personal Life

Dick Vitale got married to Lorraine McGrath in 1971, and they’ve been happy together. They have two daughters named Sherri and Terri, who gave them five grandchildren. Vitale really likes the Tampa Bay Rays, Lightning, and Buccaneers, even though they’re not basketball teams. All of these teams are from Tampa Bay.

Dick Vitale’s Net Worth

A while ago, Dick and Lorraine got a piece of land in Bradenton, Florida, for $485,000. They built a big house on it, around 12,700 square feet, and it was done in 2003. Today, this house is worth a lot more, between $5 and $7 million. Since the 1970s, people think that Dick Vitale has about $20 million. Back then, he became really well-known for talking about college basketball. Right now, he’s working on getting better so he can talk about basketball games again.


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