Don Shane Passed Away Age at 70: How Did Longtime Sportscaster Die?

Don Shane, a longtime sportscaster, passed away at 70, according to his wife Mona, who joined WXYZ veteran Diana Lewis to honor Don and his life. Mona Shane appeared on the network this past Saturday, February 25, to discuss her late husband’s demise.

Shane had influenced Detroit’s sportscasting landscape for more than 20 years as a member of the WXYZ family.

Don Shane Passed Away Age at 70

Don Shane’s death at 70 was officially announced on February 25 on Saturday. Shane suddenly went to his California home while his two children, Justin and Lindsay, were present. By WXYZ or Mona Shane, there was no mention of a cause of death.

Unfortunately, Don Shane has experienced health issues in recent years. The late sportscaster retired in 2012, more than ten years ago. According to The Detroit News, he has struggled with illness recently. His two children and his wife of 38 years, Mona, are left behind. In May last year, Don and Mona Shane welcomed their first grandchild.

Don Shane Joined WXYZ in 1989

Don Shane Passed Away Age 70
Don Shane Passed Away at Age 70

Don Shane has been the voice of Detroit’s sports scene for the past 20 years. Since joining WXYZ’s Channel 7 in 1989, he has broadcast all sports news. There was no event that Shane didn’t focus on, from the Stanley Cup to the NBA Finals.

Shane’s Dare Don segments, in which the sportscaster took on various challenges, also solidified his reputation on the network. Don Shane and Chris Spielman, a former Lions player, squared off in one epic challenge. Three of Shane’s ribs were shattered due to the accident, yet the difficulties played a significant role in his broadcasting career.

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WXYZ Viewers Pay Tribute to Don Shane

Fans of the late sportscaster have paid tribute online after Mona Shane went on WXYZ-TV to confirm the passing of her husband.

One fan tweeted:

“The heart of that WXYZ 7 Detroit sports department is all gone now,”

“For YEARS it was Don Shane and his two great producers Reggie Hall and Rei J. They made it happen. All 3 have passed. Somewhere up there one HECK of a TV ‘live shot’ is going on!”

Before a recent game, the Detroit Red Wings respected the late sportscaster and recognized his history with WXYZ.



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