Emmitt Smith Net Worth 2022: How Much Did Smith Make In His Career?

Emmitt Smith Net Worth: Emmitt Smith was viewed as being too little for football when he originally decided to play. But thanks to his exceptional talent and unwavering dedication, he was able to outperform other players in his league, win over his supporters, and climb the success ladder.

In his first year, he played football for the University of Florida before quitting to join his fantasy team, the “Dallas Cowboys.” During his career, he eclipsed all other leading rushers in the NFL and received numerous honours.

In addition to his football career, he also made an appearance on the hit program “Dancing with the Stars” on television. He has played a significant role in the Dallas Cowboys’ significant victories. His astounding career stats include 18,355 yards, 164 touchdowns, and 515 receptions.

In addition to his stellar track record, he has also won three Super Bowls and four NFL rushing championships by himself. Because he was the first-ever chief rusher in NFL history, this Floridian is regarded as one of the most important American football players in sporting history.

The Dallas Cowboys were doing okay before Emmitt’s arrival, but after he joined the team, they saw success more frequently, season after season, and returned to the top of the NFL standings.

Emmitt Smith Early Life

Mary Smith and Emmitt James Smith, II welcomed Emmitt James Smith into the world in Pensacola, Florida. He had a little boy’s goal of joining the Dallas Cowboys. He had to overcome several obstacles, nevertheless, to fulfil that desire.

Young Smith worked a variety of odd jobs as he was growing up to help support his family as they struggled with money. He was known for his athletic prowess while still in school, and he later played football for the University of Florida.

He was soon acknowledged as one of the university team’s most “dynamic” players. While still in school, he set numerous football records, many of which are still standing today, including 100 yards in his very first game.

He left the University of Florida in 1990 during his junior year to play for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, his dream team, after being selected in the NFL draft.

Emmitt Smith’s Personal Life

In 1996, he went back to the University of Florida to finish his bachelor’s degree in public recreation while still working as a professional football player. Hope Wilson, his former girlfriend, is the mother of his daughter. On April 22, 2000, he wed Miss Virginia USA and supermodel Patricia Southall.

Skylar is a daughter, and Emmitt IV is the couple’s son. From his wife’s previous union with Martin Lawrence, he has a stepdaughter. You may also check our trending articles like Scottie Pippen and Kevin Samuels.

Emmitt Smith Career

With the Dallas Cowboys, he won his first Super Bowl in 1992. He again led his squad to the Super Bowl victory the following year. He was able to establish himself with the Dallas Cowboys in his first five seasons of playing professionally.

In 1995, he established the record for the most games played in a season with 25 running touchdowns. His most productive year was the one in which he amassed 62 receptions and 1773 rushing yards. In 1995, he contributed to his team’s third Super Bowl triumph.

Emmitt Smith Net Worth
Emmitt Smith’s Net Worth

He experienced success season after season and was chosen to play in eight Pro Bowls. He was so reliable and prolific that on October 27, 2002, he destroyed Walter Payton’s previously unheard-of lifetime rushing yardage record.

His astounding 18,355 running yards, 164 touchdowns, and 4409 carries—all NFL records—were the pinnacle of his NFL career. After the 2002 season, the Dallas Cowboys were going to dismiss him, but he decided to leave the team anyway, and they gave him $4.9 million in compensation.

He then signed up with the Arizona Cardinals. He made his NFL retirement announcement just before the Super Bowl XXXIX in 2005 got underway. He joined the NFL show “NFL Total Access” that same year as a studio analyst. He also started working as a real estate developer in 2005.

He joined forces with another football player, Roger Staubach, to form Smith/Cypress Partners LP. In addition, he is a co-founder of ESmith Legacy, a business that specializes in investment management and commercial real estate development.

He transitioned to television shortly after retiring and began guesting on several well-known shows. He was one of the judges for the Miss Universe competition in 2006. He participated in and won “Dancing with the Stars,” a popular dance reality competition, with his partner Cheryl Burke.

Alongside Mike Ditka, Chris Mortensen, and Tom Jackson, he joined ESPN in 2007 as a studio expert for the NFL pre-game reporting. He was, however, replaced in the next season. He appeared in a cameo in the popular American television show “How I Met Your Mother” that same year.

He was spotted at Super Bowl XLIV in 2010, where the New Orleans Saints and Indianapolis Colts asked him to toss the coin at the beginning of the game. He won the National Heads-Up Poker Championship in 2011 by defeating David Williams, but he was upset by Andrew Robl in the next round.

After that, he appeared once more on “Dancing with the Stars, All-Stars” in its sixteenth season, this time with Cheryl Burke, but he was eliminated.

How Much Did Smith Make In His Career?

Emmett Smith was honoured by the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2010. Smith was also inducted into the Dallas Cowboys Ring of Honor as a result of his work with the team. Emmett Smith made $61,275,000 throughout his 15-year NFL career, according to Spotrac.

Emmitt Smith’s Net Worth

American former professional football player Emmitt Smith has a net worth of $25 million. Smith played for the Cowboys for the majority of his 15-season career, but he also spent his final season with the Arizona Cardinals. His career-long pay alone brought in $61 million. In retirement, he became a very successful real estate developer and earned millions more from endorsements.

Real Estate

Smith has increased his involvement in the real estate market significantly since he retired from football. Others have even referred to him as a real estate magnate. He co-founded Smith/Cypress Partners LP with fellow Cowboys icon Roger Staubach shortly after retiring from football.

The company later acquired Mervyn’s to serve as the key tenant of a 230,000-square-foot, $45 million project in Phoenix. A well-known chain of department stores in California is called Mervyn’s. Then, it was revealed that Smith was working on multiple other projects and had access to $50 million in funding.

A 65-acre location in Fort Worth and another project to the southeast of Fort Worth were among the projects in question. One of these locations was to be transformed into a 600,000-square-foot retail development.

Emmitt reportedly requested $14 million from the Pennsylvanian government in 2018 to erect a campus consisting of buildings for residences, laboratories, and workspaces on a 31-acre tract of property. He had already established his own business, ESmith Properties LLC, at this time.

The goal of this endeavour was to give digital companies around the country office space. ESmith had an agreement in place to pay $12.5 million for this property at the time. The area, which was previously used as a paper mill before being shut down, would have several buildings that would need to be renovated.

Emmitt’s company suggested spending around $72 million on this project. In 1995, Emmitt custom-built an 11,000-square-foot residence in Dallas, Texas, for his use. In honour of his jersey number 22, he put this house up for sale in October 2021 for $2.2 million. After listing, he found a buyer shortly after.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age of Emmitt Smith?

53 years (15 May 1969)

Who is Emmitt Smith married to?

Patricia Southall

What is Emmitt’s height?

1.75 m

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