Ethan Klein Divorce Speculations and Controversial Relationship Details!

After Pearl Davis, a YouTuber, declared on Ethan Klein’s H3 podcast that she believed divorce should be banned, outraged followers flooded the comments section, leaving listeners and hosts stunned. Just around the time Pearl Davis of JustPearlyThings began to garner more followers, Andrew Tate was taken into custody and imprisoned in Romania.

Pearl, who has over 1.52 million YouTube followers, creates content in which she challenges the notion that women would be happier in homes with husbands and children. Additionally, she has produced videos endorsing Andrew Tate’s values.

Pearl made an appearance on the H3 Podcast, where Pearl’s views rendered presenter Ethan Klein, who is renowned for bringing guests with divisive viewpoints into the podcast for a conversation, dumbfounded. Stay with us for more details about Ethan Klein.

Is Ethan Klein Divorce?

In a 2019 podcast episode, Hila Klein spoke with Ethan about the allegations of cheating. Dan, the producer of the H3 show, received a letter of appreciation from a fan expressing how much they appreciated him. Following that, Ethan discovered the fan on Instagram and informed them that, had the letter been directed at him, he would have taken the same action.

Ethan Klein Divorce

In 2019, there was a lot of talk on the internet about the couple breaking up. Hila presented Ethan’s divorce papers during a podcast recording and revealed that her main concern is that he enjoys tasting foods that make him sick.

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Ethan and Hila Klein Relationship Details

Ethan and Hila Klein, two YouTubers, got married in 2012. On the other hand, there have been online rumors of a divorce. When the couple created the attention-grabbing video We Broke Up in 2019, the suspicions initially surfaced. In the video, Ethan revealed to his podcast guests that he had broken up with Hila.


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Fans disagreed on whether the couple had actually broken up or if it was merely a ploy to get them to click on the video. Fans then demanded to see the couple’s marriage license as evidence of their union. Hila retorted by providing proof in the form of their wedding photos and her wedding band in their H3H3 Q&A video.

In addition, a 2019 episode of the couple’s podcast had Hila and Ethan discussing allegations of adultery, which sprang from Ethan searching the Instagram account of a fan who wrote him a letter expressing her admiration.

That year, rumors on the internet said that the couple was going to split up after Hila had given Ethan mock divorce papers, saying she was divorcing him due to her concerns about his eating habits, which caused him to have upset stomachs during taste testing.

Additionally, Ethan justified the joke by claiming that it was a highlight of the podcast and that it was done for the show. But in October 2022, a video about Hila and Ethan was uploaded, which sparked fresh speculations about their divorce.

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