From Hero to Heartbreak: Ex-Royal Marines Leader’s Tragic End!

An inquest heard that the former commander of the Royal Marines committed su*cide after his wife left him and a “rival” officer replaced him.

Following the dissolution of his marriage, Major General Matthew Holmes, 54, committed su*cide after becoming “awash with stress” and being advised to retire from his position.

Winchester Coroners’ Court was informed that Maj Gen Holmes, a pallbearer at Prince Philip’s burial, told a senior colleague: “I’ve got one last bullet to fire” two days before he passed away on Oct. 2, 2021.

The two-star general, who had deployed to Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan, hanged himself two days before his wife’s request that he vacate their £1 million Winchester marital home.

At his inquiry, it was revealed that Maj Gen Holmes, who received a CBE in 2019, had stopped eating and sleeping and had become “wholly obsessed” with his marriage, profession, and financial concerns, including school payments.

The distinguished officer described the situation as “indescribably s—“ to friends. A celebration of his career was described as a “car crash” and “felt like he was attending his own execution” by a buddy who felt the Royal Navy “had belittled him.”
He believed he had “more to give” after being asked to step down and was upset to learn that the UK troops would be leaving Afghanistan in 2021 while on vacation in Cornwall. He was also concerned about the safety of interpreters.

Mrs. Holmes informed her husband that she was divorcing him in September of that year. Subsequently, his employers at the Marines offered him a six-month extension at work.

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Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd showed up at their house in the spring of 2021, she claimed, and he and her husband “locked themselves” in the conservatory. “He was told he had to sign to agree or resign, which was essentially like resigning anyway,” she said.

She informed her husband of her impending separation later that year, and after that year, she once discovered him “crying in the bedroom upstairs” with a shotgun next to him.

“I was concerned that he was in this way and our daughter was in the next bedroom. He said: ‘My life’s not worth living without my family,’” she said.

Recently, Julio Rosas shared a Tweet related to the Marines Leader su*cide:

Mrs. Holmes claimed that her husband had become “out of control,” was stalking her, and had shown up late at night “demanding” to be taken back.

His sister, Sarah Adkins, stated her brother was “calm and surprised but disappointed” when his wife announced she was leaving him and “in a state of denial” and that he “cared deeply for those he loved and the Royal Marines.”

According to the inquest, Admiral Sir Tony Radakin, the armed forces chief, frequently messaged Maj Gen Holmes and expressed his regret in one of them. “I’m really sorry to hear about what’s going on. We will lean in and help… Let’s look at getting a pint next week, sounds like it’s really needed.”

Marines Leader Commits Su*cide

He declared that “His deαth was a shock to me and to all those that knew him and to the Navy. He was a courageous leader in Afghanistan and a first class Commandant General. His personal life had been devoted to the Corps and to the nation.”

The Marine Corps’ new commander, Lieutenant General Rob Magowan, who succeeded Major General Holmes, texted Admiral Radakin to inform him that “Sir, we have a problem” after learning that Holmes’ wife had left him, to the investigation.

Maj Gen Holmes informed Lt Gen Magowan that “his life was spinning out of control” in daily texts, Lt Gen Magowan, Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff, who testified at the inquiry. He claimed, “He was wholly obsessed with his predicament… but taking his own life did not cross my mind.”

The Marines’ Maj Gen Holmes was “under pressure” to get Maj Gen Holmes to agree to a six-month extension in the Marines but he was “focusing on things spiralling out of control.”

Vice Admiral Kyd, Maj Gen Holmes “remained anguished and said his exemplary record demanded better” because his three-decade career ended close to his deαth.

He recalled an exchange that had taken place two days before the m*rder, saying: “He reflected on what a horrible year it had been for him and his crumbling domestic situation. He said, ‘ I have got one last bullet to fire.’ I had no idea what he meant by that, but it did not cause concern.”

Jonathan Ball, CEO of the Royal Marines Association, Maj Gen Holmes thought he had “personally failed” friends in Afghanistan who were unlikely to leave the country. Ball continued, “The way the withdrawal was carried out distressed him.”

Additionally, Mr. Ball claimed that Maj. Gen. Holmes and Lt. Gen. Magowan had a “rivalry,” he added, “Matt perceived it as salt being rubbed in the wounds. He had lost control of his life.”

Coroner Jason Pegg, Maj Gen Holmes was dissatisfied with how his duty would be performed and that he was being “superseded” by Lt Gen Magowan.

“It was quite clear that he was in a dark place and under stress, and his world was now upside down,” he said during the inquest. Maj. Gen. Holmes committed su*cide, Mr. Pegg.

Despite having experienced “personal struggles,” Mrs. Holmes stated in a statement that her husband was “a kind, generous man” who had “committed his life to serving in the Royal Marines.”

Along with the pressures of his work, she added, Matt was a devoted parent who loves his kids and would have been immensely proud of their grit over the past 18 months.

“Matt was exceptionally proud to have served as Commandant General of the Royal Marines, and his service was recognised by being awarded a DSO and CBE.”

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