Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead: Learn The Real Story Behind Griffin’s Death From Family Guy!

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead:  Yet another day, yet another mysterious TikTok craze. This week, a popular animated character from the show Family Guy passed away, prompting the philosophical query of whether an animated figure can ever actually pass away.

Celebrity death hoaxes are typically cruel, mainly when they target elderly national treasures, but when the victim is a lively lady who has been the same age for 23 years, the joke comes off as more innocent fun. What you need to know if you’re worried about Lois Griffin’s health or want to understand why the news of her alleged demise has gone viral is as follows:

Who Is Lois Griffin?

On the popular Fox animated adult comedy series Family Guy, Lois is a significant character. She is the mother to Meg, Chris, and Stewie, the wife of Peter Griffin, and the owner of the family dog, Brian. Brian also has an odd crush on Lois, but that’s a tale for another day. She is also the wife of Peter Griffin.

Since the first episode of the series aired in 1999, Lois has appeared in all 400. She frequently seems annoyed by Peter’s immature actions and poorly thought-out initiatives. In the show, Lois is around 43 years old. Despite celebrating birthdays throughout the series, Lois has been 43 for over 20 years because Family Guy is a cartoon.

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Is Lois Griffin Dead?

The quick response is no. The celebrity death hoax is an old story dating back to the early days of social media when untrue rumors about the passing away of beloved public figures spread on Facebook and Twitter. But Lois is probably one of the first made-up characters to fall for the scam.

Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead
Family Guy Lois Griffin Dead

Since Boxing Day, the tweet “Lois Griffin is dead at 43” has been trending on Twitter and the video-sharing website TikTok. TikTok has captured family members’ (often bewildered) reactions while being filmed as they inform them that Lois has passed away.

In their pranks, TikTokers tell their family members that Lois Griffin passed away at 43 while documenting their emotions. One user of TikTok says, “I just watched her on TV last week,” in another case.

Many people in the videos don’t know who Lois is, so they turn to Google to learn more about her, confusing them further. Since Lois hasn’t passed away on the show, it’s unclear where the death fake started, but like with most TikTok trends, it’s wise to avoid overanalyzing it.

Why Is ‘Lois Griffin Dead’ Trending?

Online speculations of Lois Griffin’s demise went viral on December 26, 2022. Family Guy fans played a prank on TikTok and Twitter, resulting in the “Lois Griffin dead at 43” hoax. Users of TikTok recorded themselves alerting their friends and family members about Lois’ non-canon death as part of the joke.

The collection of clips showed conflicted and perplexed responses to the character’s passing. One viewer asked Alexa, “Is Lois Griffin dead?” on Twitter. Another supporter tweeted: “At 43, Lois Griffin passed away. Petaaahhh.”

Another user posted, “Can you folks stop saying Lois Griffin is dead? I’m getting terrified. As the deception persisted, viewers pondered whether this indicated that Alex Borstein, who played Lois, had perished. Despite the online rumors, Borstein turned proved to be well and alive.

Despite not passing away during Family Guy season 21, Lois did experience a near-death experience courtesy of her youngest son Stewie. After preparing for the matriarch of the Griffin family’s death for years, Stewie ultimately executes her apparent homicide in season six, episode four.

She managed to escape her son’s attack, though, and returned to face him in what seemed to be their final confrontation. By the end of the episode, it was discovered that Lois’ murder was a part of a VR simulation.

Who Plays Lois Griffin On Family Guy?

Alex Borstein, an American actress eight years older than Lois, provides the character’s voice. Lois has been voiced by Borstein in all of the show’s episodes so far. The Cleveland Show, Bordertown, The Angry Birds Movie, and Robot Chicken are just a few of the numerous projects she has voiced.

Borstein has made physical appearances on television programs, such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Getting On, and MadTV. She will appear in brand-new Family Guy episodes that will premiere in 2023.

How Can I watch Family Guy?

The 21st season of Family Guy premiered on September 25, 2022. On its flagship channel FOX, viewers may watch the antics of the Griffin family. At 9.30 p.m. EST on Sundays, fresh episodes of the show air. Fans can watch the show on Hulu if they missed the most recent episode.

The first season of the Seth MacFarlane and David Zuckerman-produced program premiered on January 31, 1999. There have been more than 400 episodes created since the show’s premiere more than 20 years ago.

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