Felicia Taylor Cause Of Death: Her Last Journey From Hollywood Roots to Global News!

Felicia Rodrica Sturt Taylor, a well-known American anchor and correspondent, was born on August 28, 1964, in Los Angeles. She is best recognized for her work with CNN International’s World Business Today and her contributions to CNN’s Business Updates division.

Until November 2009, she co-hosted Retirement Living TV’s Daily Cafe. Despite Felicia Taylor’s passing, her legacy will continue to motivate future generations. Here are all the details about her death.

Felicia Taylor Cause Of Death

The world was shocked to learn about Felicia Taylor’s passing on Friday, September 8, 2023. Her departure at 59 seemed hasty, leaving many unanswered questions in its wake. Whether or whether they had been affected by her work, people were interested in the details of her passing. Here is a related Twitter post:

However, Felicia Taylor’s demise’s cause of death is still unknown. Felicia earned a permanent spot in the world of journalism as a respected anchor-correspondent for networks like CNN and CNBC, winning praise for her astute reporting.

Felicia Taylor Cause Of Death

She delved into filmmaking outside of her work and produced the well-known documentary “Far From Home,” which shed awareness to the hardship of Senegal’s children in the face of climate change. Future generations will be inspired by her impact and commitment to important issues.

Jeanshafiroff shared a post with her and wrote a caption on her death, “In loving memory of Felicia Taylor @tangotaylor, who passed away suddenly in her sleep. For many years, Felicia worked as an international news reporter for @Cnn. Felicia was smart, fun to be with and a very good woman who was loved by many. May she always rest in peace🙏🙏. Every day is a gift. Cherish each moment- and love those around you.”

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Who is Felicia Taylor?

Felicia Taylor was the child of actor Rod Taylor and Mary Hilem, a fashion model who subsequently changed her name to Mary Schott. Her godfathers, John Wayne and John Ford, had ties to the entertainment industry and were part of her upbringing.

She graduated from Northwestern University with a bachelor’s in English. Felicia Taylor’s journalism career was nothing short of illustrious. Her amazing achievements and steadfast dedication set her apart in her industry.

She vividly brought the financial news to life with her sharp reporting and expert deconstruction of complex issues. She moved to New York City as a result of this commitment, where she established her credibility by working as a weekend anchor for WNBC-TV.

Her journey did not stop there. Felicia traveled across the Atlantic to London, where she started writing for the Financial Times TV and Financial News Network. Her travels extended her horizons and enhanced her reporting, which improved her story. Felicia Taylor established herself as a trustworthy source, her name being a byword for thorough reporting.

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