Footballer Achraf Hakimi’s Ex-Wife Requires Time To Process Difficult Divorce

The ex-wife of Paris Saint-Germain defender Achraf Hakimi, Hiba Abouk, recently opened up about her hard divorce.

After the 24-year-old football player was indicted by French prosecutors on an initial rape accusation in March, former WAG Abouk, 36, ended their relationship. According to his attorney, Hakimi “strongly denies” the rape claims made against him.

A preliminary charge in the French judicial system indicates that judges have reasonable cause to believe that a crime was committed but are delaying sending the case to trial to do additional research.

Abouk and Hakimi, a Moroccan native, first began dating in 2018 and married the following year. Two kids were born to the former marriage.

On Thursday, Abouk posted a photo of herself from a recent photo shoot to her Instagram Stories along with the Destiny’s Child song Survivor as the music.

The photograph was taken in connection with Hakimi’s most recent interview with ELLE Spain, in which she discussed her feelings following their breakup.

Footballer Achraf Hakimi's Ex-Wife Requires Time To Process Difficult Divorce

She told the publication: “I am fine. There are days when it is like this, and others in which you’ve to know how to take blows and make decisions, sometimes complicated, and get used to new situations.”

“Who would’ve imagined that in addition to facing the usual pain that a separation entails and accepting the grief that the failure of a family project to which I had given myself body and soul entails, I would’ve to face this ignominy? I needed time to digest this shock.”

She added: “When you separate, you restructure your life, but it’s not anything special either: you’ve to take iron out of the matter. It’s true that, with two children, it is emotionally complicated, but I’m not the first and I will not be the last.”

“The important thing is that I have the peace of mind of having tried and having done everything I had to do. There are decisions that cannot be made overnight. For me it’s a premise not to rush in moments of crisis.”

The Spanish-Tunisian actress told her 1.7 million Instagram fans in March this year that her marriage was over.

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She wrote: “The reality is that a while ago, after a lot of reflection, the father of my children and I made the decision to end our relationship, long before the recent media events that have involved me, which are totally external.”

She did not anticipate dealing with “this shame” in addition to the “usual pain that comes with a separation,” Abouk continued.

The mother of two closed her statement in March with, “I needed time to comprehend this shock.

The World Cup standout Hakimi, 24, was placed under court monitoring earlier that month, according to French authorities, who confirmed the initial rape complaint.

A preliminary inquiry was started, but according to a report, the claimed victim decided not to file any complaints. She testified against Hakimi, which allowed authorities to continue their investigation.

Hakimi’s accuser claims that while his then-wife and kids were on vacation, he sexually assaulted her at his Paris home.

The charges are untrue. Hakimi’s attorney Fanny Colin stated last month that Hakimi is composed and is making himself available to the police.

“The club supports the player, who has firmly denied the accusations and trusts the justice system,” Hakimi’s employer PSG added. “Paris St-Germain is an institution that promotes respect on and off the pitch.”

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