Who Is Grace Brinkley Boyfriend: Is She Dating Anyone Popular?

With over 730k and 95k followers on TikTok and Instagram, respectively, Grace is well-known for her appearance, adorable smile, sense of style, and captivating demeanor. Even though she uploaded her first video to TikTok in 2021, she quickly gained popularity.

Grace Brinkley has been in the news lately because she has been outspoken about her relationship. A few days prior, she discovered that her ex-boyfriend was having various relationships with other women, so she shared a video of him on TikTok. Let’s talk about it in more depth now.

Grace Brinkley Boyfriend

Grace Brinkley has been providing updates on her life, revealing that she moved to Los Angeles and is now single. Everything started when she discovered that her boyfriend—now her ex—had cheated on her.

She dated her ex-boyfriend for six months, based on the information she has shared so far on her TikTok. In the since-deleted TikTok video, she identified him as Agent Posting’s creator, Elliot Ashton. His business is available on Instagram. Grace Brinkley said that he consistently requested that she respect his privacy. Furthermore, she now thinks Elliot desired it in order to chat with plenty of girls.

Grace Brinkley Boyfriend

In a similar vein, another Reddit member mentioned that Troy, one of her pals, genuinely loved her but that she was dull to him and never acknowledged it. The person wrote:

We wish Grace Brinkley all the best in her future pursuits, regardless of the outcome. We hope she moves on quickly and finds a new partner who will be devoted to her.

The Biography of Elliot Ashton

Elliot Ashton is a real estate agent and the creator of a real estate company called Posting Agent, in addition to being Grace Brinkley’s ex-boyfriend. Even though it doesn’t seem like he has a personal Instagram account, he occasionally shares details about his personal life from his company account.

Elliot seems to share a home with his parents and two younger sisters. We don’t know anything about him other than this. But be assured we’ll respond to you as soon as we learn of any updates.

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