Herschel Walker Strongly Denies That He Paid For An Abortion!

On Monday, the Republican candidate for the Georgia Senate, Herschel Walker, claimed that a claim that he paid for abortion more than ten years ago was a “flat-out falsehood” and a “repugnant hatchet job.”Shortly after the Daily Beast claimed that Walker had paid for a woman’s abortion after the two became pregnant while dating in 2009, Walker issued a denial.

According to The Daily Beast, the woman, who requested anonymity out of respect for her privacy, had evidence to back up her claims, including a $575 abortion clinic receipt, a bank deposit receipt with a picture of a $700 personal check that Walker had signed, and a “get well” card that she claimed belonged to Walker, who was single at the time.

A picture of the card with what the publication claimed to be Walker’s signature was published by The Daily Beast. CNN has not independently verified the accusations made by the Daily Beast.

Walker branded the article a “repugnant hatchet job” and blasted what he called the Daily Beast’s investigative methods in a statement uploaded on his verified Twitter account. “This is a flat-out lie, and I refute this in the strongest terms,” Walker said.

Walker complained, “Now they’re utilizing an anonymous source to defame me further.” “They’ll do anything to maintain their hold on power. It is dirty, corrupt politics. You may also read another trending article, ‘Rainbow Fentany’ Has Been Discovered In Oregon And Idaho, But Not In Washington! 

 In one of the most competitive Senate elections in the country, Walker is running against Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock. Walker, a Republican who is running for office for the first time and has the support of former president Donald Trump, has opposed abortion rights.

Last month, he declared that he would back a national ban on abortions performed beyond 15 weeks. He stated in May that he favors outlawing the right to an abortion and that there should be “no exceptions in my thinking.”

Walker declared on Twitter that he would file a lawsuit against the Daily Beast on Tuesday morning for what he called a “defamatory lie.”

In an interview with Fox’s Sean Hannity on Monday night, Walker stated that he was unaware of the accuser and had not seen the card. “I send out so many get well and other well wishes, but I can assure you that neither I nor anyone else ever requested or paid for an abortion. This is a falsehood.”

Walker responded, “I send money to a lot of individuals… I don’t remember mailing anyone a $700 check. I always offer money to others because I like to help others. In response to inquiries about how the Daily Beast piece would impact the contest, Warnock replied on Monday night that he had not yet read it.

Warnock remarked, “I’ll let the analysts decide how they think that will affect the race.” But I have consistently believed that a woman, her doctor, and the government are insufficiently confined in a patient’s room. On the other side, my opponent advocates a blanket prohibition with no exceptions.

Just hours after Herschel Walker rejected the Daily Beast claim, one of Herschel Walker’s kids, Christian Walker, attacked his father on Twitter and made several accusations against him. “I don’t care about someone who accepts responsibility and has a troubled history. Christian Walker once tweeted, “How DARE YOU LIE and pose as though you’re some moral, Christian, honest man.

In another post, Christian Walker criticized him for not being a “family man.” While out campaigning, Herschel Walker has frequently mentioned Christian Walker, the boy, he and his ex-wife had together and raised with Walker’s current wife. On social media, Christian is an outspoken conservative.

When Herschel Walker’s campaign was approached for a statement, they cited a tweet he wrote on Monday night that said, “I LOVE my son no matter what.” “I’m done,” Christian Walker concluded his string of tweets.

Final Lines

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