Is Big Zulu Gay? The Truth Behind His Romantic Life and Wedding!

Unquestionably, Siyabonga Nene, better known by his stage name Big Zulu, has had a huge impact on the South African music landscape. Big Zulu earned his position in the spotlight thanks to his ascent to fame when the single “Donsa Nkabi” was released in 2016 and subsequent record deals with Universal Music.

His reputation as a well-known rapper and songwriter has been cemented by his albums, which include “Ushun Wenkabi” (2018), “Ungqongqoshe Wongqongqoshe” (2019), and the number-one “Ichwane Lenyoka” (2021). Beyond his musical career, there have been ongoing online allegations regarding his se*ual orientation that were particularly stoked by a widely shared photo from a g@y wedding.

We seek to dispel myths and clarify the facts in this article on Big Zulu’s se*ual orientation.

Is Big Zulu G@y?

Big Zulu is g@y or not; there is no official confirmation about his se*ual orientation, though. When homose*ual wedding photos of Big Zulu that looked like him appeared online, rumors about his se*ual orientation began to circulate. Some internet users insisted that Big Zulu was in the pictures, even after it was eventually made clear that it was his lookalike who had wed.

The long-running rumors regarding his se*ual orientation were further made worse by these popular photos. In this sense, the 37-year-old rapper has always been the subject of investigation. The positions he frequently posts on social media, which some people thought hinted at femininity, gave rise to the rumor that he might be g@y.

It’s crucial to stress that his posture has nothing to do with his true se*uality. In fact, Big Zulu has dated women in the past, which is strong proof of his straight se*ual orientation. Therefore, it is best to view the rumors concerning his se*uality with a degree of suspicion.

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Who Is Big Zulu Dating?

There are a lot of claims and rumors about Big Zulu’s romantic life online, but there isn’t any reliable or official information that can be easily found. He is rumored to be dating Lebogang Makenete right now, according to some sources, while according to others, he is already married and has two kids.

Is Big Zulu Gay

It’s important to remember that Big Zulu and Bonang Matheba were once said to be related. Big Zulu and Bonang both shared flirtatious videos, which aroused fans’ curiosity and gave rise to these rumors. A Zulu man will sweep you off your feet, Bonang even said in a series of anecdotes she posted on social media.

Keep your guard up. It’s critical to stress that these reports of a relationship between Big Zulu and another person were never confirmed by a third party, leaving his romantic status up in the air.

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