Is Emma Hayes Pregnant? From Manager to Mom?

Emma Hayes is a well-known name in the football world. She is well-known for her ability as a football manager and her dedication to Chelsea FC Women. Many of her fans and followers are interested in her personal life.

In this article, we’ll discuss two crucial aspects of Emma Hayes’ life in 2023: first, Is Emma Hayes Pregnant? and second, her particular relationship with her partner, Tanya Oxtoby.

We’ll also look into Emma Hayes’ efforts to improve support for pregnant women in the Women’s Super League (WSL).

Is Emma Hayes Pregnant in 2023?

Many fans and followers are wondering if Emma Hayes is pregnant this year. Right now, there’s no official confirmation about whether Emma Hayes is pregnant. She’s well-known for her intense dedication to her career in football management and tends to keep her personal life private.

While she has talked about her experiences with pregnancy and the challenges she’s faced, she hasn’t made a public announcement about her current pregnancy status.

So, the question about her pregnancy is still unanswered, and until she decides to share the news, it remains a topic of curiosity for her fans and admirers.

Emma Hayes’ life is a combination of her personal and professional lives, where football and family intersect in unexpected and exciting ways.

Is Emma Hayes Pregnant?
Is Emma Hayes Pregnant?

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Tanya Oxtoby’s and Emma Hayes’s Relationship

Tanya Oxtoby’s recent appointment as an assistant coach for Chelsea FC Women has drawn attention to the relationship between Emma Hayes and her partner, Tanya Oxtoby.

Their friendship began in football, and they are now working professionally together as Tanya joins the Chelsea coaching team.

They have a deep personal and professional bond, both on and off the field. Tanya’s arrival to the coaching staff is beneficial, since she brings knowledge and experience to Chelsea FC Women.

Their collaboration is fantastic, and it will be a fascinating development in the 2021/22 season, contributing to the team’s success. Their mutual passion for the game is palpable, and Tanya Oxtoby, a highly qualified sports psychologist and UEFA A-Licence coach, is lending her skills to the team.

Tanya Oxtoby's and Emma Hayes's Relationship
Tanya Oxtoby’s and Emma Hayes’s Relationship

Emma Hayes Supports Better Maternity Care in WSL

Chelsea Women’s squad manager Emma Hayes is advocating for extra support for players with babies in the Women’s Super League (WSL). She is making this request after Chelsea midfielder Melanie Leupolz returned from maternity leave and expressed a need for better maternity care and policies.

Hayes wants pregnant athletes to receive the same level of care as injured players. She is pushing clubs to prioritize the health and timely return of players who become moms.

The topic of maternity leave in women’s football has recently come under scrutiny, with players such as Reading’s Leupolz and Emma Mukandi speaking out about the need for stronger policy.

The call for better support is all about ensuring that players do not have to give up their careers due to parenthood. It is possible to balance both with the right network and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Emma Hayes have kids?
Yes, Emma Hayes has children. In 2018, she was pregnant with twins, but sadly lost one of them after 2 weeks. She gave birth to the surviving twin on May 17, 2018. Emma Hayes credits Vic Akers, a former Arsenal W.F.C. figure, for her support during this time.

How old is Emma Hayes?
Emma Hayes is 47 years old, born on October 18, 1976.

What has Emma Hayes accomplished?
Emma Hayes served as an assistant first team coach at Arsenal Ladies, where they achieved remarkable success, winning 11 major trophies during a three-season period in north London. This included three Women’s Premier League titles, three FA Women’s Cups, and the UEFA Women’s Cup crown.


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