Is Matt Rife Gay? Exploring His Personal Life!

Matthew Steven Rife, an American comedian and actor, is famous for making his own funny show called “Only Fans” and for being part of a funny TV competition called “Bring the Funny.”

Is Matt Rife Gay?

No, Matt Rife is noy gay. Many people have talked about whether Matt Rife is gay. This discussion started when the comedian tweeted, “If you don’t like gay people, you’re probably not in good shape,” which caused some controversy.

But during a stand-up comedy show in December 2021, Rife shared a story about watching adult movies, including a gay one that caught his attention. However, he found it disappointing and realized he wasn’t gay.

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Is Matt Rife in a Relationship?

Matt Rife is a good-looking, witty, and dedicated guy, and many people are curious about his love life because he seems like someone who could easily charm a woman. Although he’s open about his work, he likes to keep his personal life private, and I understand why.

So, in 2023, there isn’t much information available about Matt Rife’s girlfriend. It seems like he’s focused on his career and other interests for now. In the past, he dated actress Kate Beckinsale, but currently, he’s living in the Los Angeles area.

Matthew Steven Rife’s Career: TV Star to Musician

Matthew Steven Rife's Career
Matthew Steven Rife’s Career

Matthew Steven Rife’s career has been on the rise. In 2021, he created and starred in his own comedy special called “Just Fans,” which made him a well-known comedian.

In 2019, he competed on a TV show called “Bring the Funny” and made it to the Semi-Final Showcase but got eliminated in week 8.

He’s also been on other TV shows like “Wild ‘n Out” where he did comedy and improv, played the recurring character Brandon Bliss in “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” and had another recurring role as Logan in “Fresh Off the Boat.”

Additionally, he shows up as a paranormal investigator on the YouTube channel “Overnight.” In December 2022, he signed a contract with CAA, a big talent agency. And on Valentine’s Day in 2023, he released a music album called “Matthew Steven Rife (2023).


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