Is Mike Holmes Married? Unveiling The Mystery of His Marital Status

In addition to introducing viewers to numerous members of his family who help him with his construction projects, Mike Holmes has presented several HGTV series.

Since becoming a well-known home renovation star, the contractor has kept information about his love life quite secret. For information about his marriages and children, scroll below.

Is Mike Holmes Married?

On social media, he has also posted a few infrequent images of his long-term partner, Anna Zappia. Even though Mike frequently refers to Anna as his “wife,” they are not wed. The pair took a much-needed trip to Italy in September 2022.

“Enjoying time in Casale Del Mare,” Mike captioned a picture of his significant other on Instagram. “This trip has been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. I am so calm and relaxed.”


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Who Are Mike Holmes’ Children? 

As viewers of Holmes Family Rescue know, Mike is a family man. The skilled builder and his ex-wife, Alexandra Lorex, welcomed their three children, Amanda, Sherry, and Mike Jr. He also adores Cali and Oaklyn, the two daughters of Sherry.

Is Mike Holmes Married

Over the years, Mike has raved about his children and grandchildren in several postings on his Instagram page. Mike Jr. made the news that he and his wife, Lisa Marie Holmes, were expecting their first child in January 2023. Mike’s two youngest children have continued in his footsteps as skilled house renovators.

They have appeared in several of his well-known series, including Mike’s Ultimate Garage, Holmes Family Effect, Holmes and Holmes, and Holmes 911. Having his kids on set with him has been a blast.

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“Having my kids work with me in construction was one of the most wonderful things because I get to teach them and better them,” During an interview with The List in June 2021, the TV celebrity thought back. “Sherry, representing women in skilled trades, and Michael, becoming the next best.”

Mike is pleased that his kids have grown accustomed to being on camera, even though he never anticipated them to want to pursue professions in television.

“I don’t even think they realize how natural they are,” he explained.

“It’s only because they were no longer afraid of the camera, so they became themselves. Looking at the opportunity that, one day, they could probably have their own television show, I feel pretty proud of that. It’s never been about TV for me, but if it betters the people around me, then I feel pretty good about what I do.” 


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