Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? The Remarkable Journey and Unfounded Pregnancy Rumors of an Australian TV Host

Famous Australian TV host Sonia Kruger is from Queensland. She presently serves as the host of The Voice Australia, but before that, in 1992, she initially rose to fame as Tina Sparkle, an actress in the film Strictly Ballroom.

In addition, Sonia has served as a host for programs like Holey Moley, Today Extra, and the Australian version of Dancing with the Stars.

Unexpectedly, she also served as the host for the 2020 Olympics. She is, without a doubt, one of Australia’s most renowned and well-liked TV personalities. Sonia, on the other hand, has already come under fire for her remarks towards Muslims and immigration.

Following the controversy surrounding the Gold Logie, she recently spoke about the pressure of her job. But putting all of that aside, Sonia Kruger’s admirers are now speculating about her potential pregnancy. She’s getting near to 60, so this idea is sparking a lot of debate online. What do you think?

Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant?

No, Sonia Kruger is not expecting a child at this time in 2023. In plainer terms, Big Brother Australia’s host won’t be welcoming a second child. She doesn’t appear to have a baby bump, and her health is okay, so it’s unclear why people started speculating that she was pregnant.

It’s critical to understand that Sonia Kruger and her partner, Craig McPherson, have always desired to start a family while discussing her pregnancy. She recently discussed the unique procedure known as IVF that they utilized to try to conceive a child.

With the aid of a donor egg and a medical technique called hysteroscopy, they finally succeeded in having a kid after many years of trying. Around this time in 2015, Sonia Kruger gave birth to the couple’s daughter named Maggie. It was a difficult road for Sonia Kruger because she was already 48 years old when she announced her pregnancy.

She also expressed her gratitude to Dr. Lynn Burmeister, a reproductive specialist in Australia, for supporting her during this procedure.

Sonia Kruger Age

At this time, Sonia Kruger is 58 years old. It’s crucial to keep in mind that age is not a factor in a person’s ability to conceive. Sonia and Craig, her partner, haven’t specifically stated that they would like to have more kids.

Sonia Kruger is now a content mother to her daughter, Maggie. Let’s shower her with our love. We believe that Sonia is a fantastic mother in addition to being a fantastic TV host!

Who Is Sonia Kruger Husband?

Australian television host and media personality Sonia Kruger has only been married once. In 2002, she was married to financier James Davies, who was born in the UK. However, they struggled in their relationship, and after six years together, they decided to separate in 2008.

Sonia Kruger began a new chapter in her personal life when her marriage ended when she met Craig McPherson. She partnered up with Craig, an executive producer affiliated with “Today Tonight,” who gave her a new source of support and company.

Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant?

Sonia and Craig indicated a wish to start a family as their love grew. They encountered difficulties along the way to parenting, suffering multiple tragic miscarriages. Despite the emotional challenges, the pair persevered and was steadfast in their desire to become parents.

Their perseverance had paid off when Sonia Kruger joyously announced her pregnancy in August 2014. Using donor eggs during in vitro fertilization (IVF), she was able to conceive successfully. The birth of the couple’s long-awaited daughter in 2015 marked a happy milestone in their life and a significant turning point.

Sonia Kruger continues to captivate people on television despite the highs and lows of her personal life, cherishing the love and pleasure she has found in her relationship with Craig and the gift of parenthood they cherish together.

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In January 2003, Sonia Kruger, a well-known Australian television host, wed James Davies, a British banker. The pair exchanged vows in a small, private ceremony, starting their life together as husband and wife.

They appeared to have been a contented and committed couple for the entirety of their six-year marriage, sharing both good and trying times. Sadly, Sonia and James’ relationship came to an end as time went on because of problems in their marriage.

They took the agonizing decision to break up in 2008 and follow their respective careers. Despite their best efforts to resolve their differences, it became clear that they were unable to do so, and as a result, their marriage was annulled.

Sonia Kruger and James Davies undoubtedly spent a lot of time together, even though their marriage might have ended. Their private ceremony signaled the start of what seemed to be a promising voyage.

Although their paths parted after six years, each person went on to pursue their own goals, leaving behind memories of a chapter filled with love, difficulties, and personal development.

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