Is Storm Reid Related to Zendaya? Are They Both Part of the Same Family?

It’s always interesting to discover which talented artists are predicted to become well-known as rising stars. Zendaya was that person once. The 26-year-old American actress made some highly promising early appearances.

Since then, she has become a household name on television shows like Euphoria and in films like Malcolm & Marie and Spider-Man: Far From Home. While Storm Reid is slated to carry on her excellent work in projects like Dune: Part 2, viewers have recently been tuned in to see her as Riley in The Last Of Us.

Episode 7, titled Left Behind, which had its HBO premiere, gave the star a chance to shine. Yet, others have since questioned whether Storm Reid and Zendaya are linked and whether they are sisters.

Is Storm Reid Related to Zendaya?

While portraying biological sisters on-screen, Storm and Zendaya are unrelated to one another in real life. In the movie Euphoria, the two friends and co-stars portray sisters; Zendaya plays Ruby “Rue” Bennett, the main heroine, while Storm plays Georgia “Gia,” Ruby’s younger sister.

Is Storm Reid Related to Zendaya
Is Storm Reid Related to Zendaya

Zendaya reportedly said that she and Storm are “real-life sisters” despite possibly not being biologically related. This was according to Entertainment Online. She told Storm at the Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards in 2021:

“You’re my baby sister,”

“We met—right?—our first time in a Ben and Jerry’s, when she was so tiny. And then here we are, we’re real life sisters, I believe that… And TV sisters, and I’m so proud of everything that you do. You know that. I’m a ride or die and I’ll continue to support everything you do.”

For further details, kindly refer to the tweet that has been supplied for your convenience below:

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She added:

“You’re phenomenal and the love is mutual.”

This came after Storm thanked Zendaya:

“Thank you for the constant—like I say all the time—inspiration… There’s lots of people that came into my life when Wrinkle [in Time] came out. And they were like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m here to support you.’ But you were one of those people that stuck to that. So for that, thank you.”


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