Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married? Unveiling the Life and Controversies of the American Comedian

A well-known American comedian who has been active in the entertainment business since 2007, Tony Hinchcliffe. He has also contributed to the Comedy Central Roast series’ writing team. Hinchcliffe is a comedian who makes fun of insults. He previously caused controversy when he was caught on camera making fun of Peng Dang.

Hinchcliffe also serves as the host of the Kill Tony humor podcast. In addition, the 38-year-old comic is well-known for the 2016 Netflix debut of his one-hour stand-up special One Shot. Hinchcliffe is also well known for his biting humor and one-liners. In addition, Hinchcliffe’s marriage has garnered media attention. Here are the details.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married?

The family of Australian racer Bob Jane and his wife, Laree Jane, includes Charlotte Jane. Rodney Jane and Karen Jane, Charlotte’s two siblings, helped raise her. Additionally, Robert Jane and Courtney Jane are her half-siblings. Here is an Instagram post of the couple, with captioned, “Married as fuck. Honeymooning in La Jolla performing 4 shows this weekend at @comedystorelj….then Australia Nov.”


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When Bob passed away on September 28, 2019, the Jane family experienced a heartbreaking event. At the time of his death, Bob was 88 years old and had prostate cancer. Charlotte is an entrepreneur as well, in addition. Through Depop, she offers apparel for sale. In addition, she was one of the models for the Maxim magazine cover girl, suggesting that she is interested in modeling.

She can be found online as @charlottebabyjane on Instagram. While maintaining the privacy of her account, she has amassed more than 28k followers. After becoming the wife of a comedian, Tony Hinchcliffe, Charlotte attracted a lot of attention.

Tony Hinchcliffe Wife Details

Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane made headlines when the comedian revealed that they wed in 2015. He revealed his engagement on a comedy routine, but the audience didn’t believe him and assumed he was joking. Hinchcliffe once more declared his engagement to Charlotte in 2017.

They additionally uploaded a picture to Instagram showing an engagement ring. People believed they had been engaged and were getting married as a result of that vision. Fans were not quite persuaded this time either. Hinchcliffe referred to Charlotte as his wife frequently in concerts the following year.

He announced it, stating that the information was accurate and not simply hearsay. While announcing their engagement, Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane. There aren’t many specifics about their union, though, as Hinchcliffe has never made it known to the media.

People assumed they were not together when they were later seen without their engagement ring. We are unable to confirm whether or not they are still dating because neither of them have spoken candidly.

Is Tony Hinchcliffe Married

Tony Hinchcliffe Net Worth

Throughout his career, this comedian has accumulated a large sum of money. Tony is a well-known figure in the entertainment sector. He has amassed enormous money in addition to fame and notoriety. Through stand-up comedy, he has dazzled audiences with his flair for telling jokes.

This has aided him in making money throughout his career through stand-up performances and television appearances. As of 2021, Tony Hinchliffe’s projected net worth is $10 million. He makes about $40000 a year. Additionally, he maintains an active YouTube channel, which is another source of money for him. Additionally, he makes money from his YouTube videos.

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Is Tony Hinchcliffe Gay?

Tony Hinchcliffe is not homose*ual, no. He is a straight man. However, because of his appearance and his jokes, he was initially thought to be gay. When hot girls treat me like a gay person, he once wrote on Twitter. I get treated like a hot lady by gay guys. See Here:

Therefore, it is evident that he is heterose*ual and not gay. Hinchcliffe, on the other hand, was formerly thought to be dating FC fighter Joanna Jedrzejczyk. Tony has frequently remarked on Joanna’s beauty in his shows.

On January 20, 2016, the UFC fighter shared a photo with Tony, leading to rumors that they may have been having an affair. However, since Joanna is succeeding in her own life, it is untrue.

Tony Hinchcliffe Social Media Accounts

Tony maintains a presence on social media. As of 2023, his Twitter account @TonyHinchcliffe had 189.8 thousand followers. He also maintains a lively Instagram feed. It has 442 thousand followers as of 2023 with the account @ tonyhinchcliffe.

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