Ivana trump Cause Of Death: How Old Was Ivana Trump When She Died?

Ivana Maria Trump, née Zelnková, was a Czech-American businesswoman, media personality, socialite, fashion designer, novelist, and model. She died on July 14, 2022. Ivana spent her early years in Canada before moving to the US and marrying Donald Trump in 1977.

She served as the vice president of interior design, the CEO and president of the Trump’s Castle casino resort, and the manager of the Plaza Hotel for The Trump Organization. Throughout the 1980s, Ivana and Donald Trump were well-known members of New York society.

The couple’s divorce, which was officially formalized in 1992, received a lot of media attention. After the divorce, she created her own clothes, fashion jewelry, and beauty product lines and marketed them on QVC London and the Home Shopping Network.

From 1995 to 2010, she penned the “Ask Ivana” advice column for the Globe. She also wrote and published several books, including the autobiography Raising Trump and fiction and self-help books. Also, check our trending articles Street Outlaws Death and Domino Harvey Death.

Ivana trump Cause Of Death
Ivana trump Cause Of Death

What Is Ivana Trump’s Cause of Death?

The businesswoman, the ex-wife of former President Donald Trump and the mother of his three oldest children, passed away on July 14 due to blunt force impact injuries to the torso, as stated by the New York City Medical Examiner. Her passing was ruled to have been the result of an unfortunate accident.

According to NBC News, a senior New York City official who has firsthand knowledge of the situation stated that the circumstances of her death are consistent with a fall on the stairs as the likely cause of her passing.

Ivana passed away when she was 73 years old, and she was survived by her family, which included her children Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Eric Trump. Her siblings praised Ivana in a statement issued after her death as “an outstanding woman—a force in business, a world-class athlete, a radiant beauty, and a devoted mother and friend.”

The statement was issued in response to Ivana’s loss. Ivanka Trump took to Twitter later that day to pay her homage to her mother, who had passed away earlier that day. Ivanka Trump said in the caption of a romantic throwback photo of herself and her mother from Ivanka’s younger years, “Mom was intelligent, charming, passionate, and wickedly witty.”

She made the most of every moment of her life, never missing a chance to smile and laugh or to move her body. She said, “I shall mourn her for the rest of my life, and we will always keep her memory alive in our hearts.” In the meantime, Donald, Ivana’s husband from 1977 until 1992, released his statement expressing his sorrow at Ivana’s passing.

Ivana Trump had gone away at her home in New York City, and he said in the letter, “I am very grieved to notify all of those that loved her, of which there are many, that she had passed away at her home.”

She was a fantastic, gorgeous, and magnificent woman with a remarkable and inspiring life. She passed away recently. He said, “Her three children—Donald Jr., Ivanka, and Eric—were the sources of her greatest happiness. She was bursting with pride for them, just as all of us were bursting with pride for her. Ivana, may you finally rest in peace!

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