Who is Jake Browning Wife: Is He Married Or In A Relationship?

After achieving success on the field with the Cincinnati Bengals, quarterback Jake Browning is becoming well-known. Due to Joe Burrow’s absence, Browning has been named the Bengals starting quarterback. He was the driving force behind his team’s 34-31 overtime victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars on Monday night. Stephanie Niles, who is his girlfriend, embraced the quarterback after the exciting win.

Who is Jake Browning Wife?

Jake Browning is not married yet but he does have a girlfriend Stephanie Niles. The University of Washington reported that she is fluent in French and simplified Chinese and that she has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and information systems. The sustainable, high-end swimwear label 7th Street Swim was co-founded by her in February 2020.

According to her company’s profile, “7th Street Swim brings city girls to the beach and does it with the planet in mind.” “Our updated classics will never go out of style, just like the city that inspired them.”

Stephanie spent August 2018–May 2019 working for PwC in the risk assurance department before co-founding her swimwear brand. In November of the same year (2021), she found employment as a manager of information systems.


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How Did Jake and Stephanie Meet?

While both Jake and Stephanie were undergraduates at UW, they crossed paths. Stephanie has always been there to cheer on Jake as he plays football. In January of 2023, she shared an Instagram photo of herself wearing his jersey with the caption, “v proud.”

Plus, whenever they go out, she frequently posts about their relationship. In March of 2021, for instance, she posted a photo of Jake and herself with the caption: “me & my boyfrannnn.”


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Stephanie Niles and Jake Browning’s Love Story

It has been reported that Jake Browning and Stephanie Niles were high school sweethearts. They initially crossed paths while studying at the same university, the University of Washington, in Seattle, Washington. The exact date that the two began dating is unknown, though. In 2018, while the 210-pound quarterback was a senior in high school, they made their relationship official.

Niles and the player, who was born in California, have allegedly been dating for five years. Their public displays of affection have continued uninterrupted since they announced their relationship. His muse continues to share photos of the NFL star and herself on social media. On top of that, she never misses an opportunity to show her support for Jake Browning.

In Jake Browning’s life, Stephanie Niles has been an unwavering rock. They are, without a doubt, one of the most adorable NFL couples right now. The public is now anticipating their next move as a couple.

How Did Stephanie’s Family’s Relocation to Seattle Impact Her Education?

The clothing brand 7th Street Swim, whose Instagram profile boasts “where downtown cool meets uptown quality,” has been Stephanie’s go-to for social media promotion in recent years. Stephanie co-founded the luxury sustainable swimwear label 7th Street Swim, according to an Authority Magazine profile published online in January 2021; however, the website listed on the profile is currently down.

Stephanie told the magazine a little bit about herself, revealing that she was born in Hong Kong but spent time as a child in China. She went to school at the University of Washington after her family moved to Seattle, Washington. She went to work for one of the Big Four accounting firms in New York City after finishing school in 2018.


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Stephanie told Authority that she left her job because she felt “like a cog in a very large machine” in her previous role and wanted to follow her dream of becoming a household name in sustainable and ethical apparel. Thus, she left her job.

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