Jamie’s Relationship With “The Iron Squad 2” Actor Goo Min Chul Has Been Confirmed

Jamie has made it public that she is in a relationship with Goo Min Chul! On the 20th of November, Jamie uploaded a moving photo to her Instagram account with the remark, “Let’s be happy.”

Jamie and Goo Min Chul display their passion for one another by giving each other bear hugs in each of the four motion pictures are black and white. One of the moving pictures features a kiss between the two individuals, which serves as evidence that they are in a romantic connection. What are the Most Polite Ways to Break up with Someone?

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On November 21, Jamie’s agency, Warner Music Korea, made the following statement: “We have confirmed that the two are actively dating. Regarding them with kindness, please.” Jamie made her debut in the music industry in 2012 as a member of the duo 15& alongside Baek Yerin, who were the winners of SBS’s “K-Pop Star Season 1.”

She began her career as a solo singer in 2015, and in 2020 she signed an exclusive contract with Warner Music Korea. During this time, she also changed her stage name from Park Ji Min to Jamie. She just recently issued the extended play (EP) album titled “One Bad Night.”

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On the reality show “The Iron Squad 2,” which aired on Channel A and ENA and came to an end earlier this month, Goo Min Chul played the role of a reserve sergeant serving in the Navy Special Warfare Team (UDT).

Best wishes to Jamie and her boyfriend on their engagement!

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