Young Jeezy Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Make Per Show?

Young Jeezy Net Worth: The solo album “Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101” by American rapper Young Jeezy is his most well-known work. Even though he is a highly successful rapper today, he had many severe obstacles when he was younger.

Jeezy was resolved to end his dark existence, which frequently landed him in jail, despite his unhappy and traumatic childhood, which he once referred to as “empty.” He gained notoriety through his rapping abilities with the help of his ability to blast verses and play with words.

However, because Atlanta radio stations were hesitant to play his music, his career was hampered by his mafia past and history of drug usage. But he persisted, and eventually, he was able to find his place.

Jeezy believed that the underprivileged folks on the streets were his genuine audience and was unconcerned with how the general public would react to his music. He continually resisted moving into other genres or becoming more mainstream.

His hit albums describe his success narrative, as the majority of his singles and albums have reached the top charts. With his fierce dedication, he established himself in the rap industry in his unique way.

He is now one of the most well-known rap musicians in his genre thanks to his successful efforts. He has received numerous Grammy Award nominations, platinum and gold certifications, a string of Top Ten albums, and a handful of Top Ten singles.

Young Jeezy Early Life

Jay Wayne Jenkins is the real name of Young Jeezy. On September 27, 1977, he was born in Columbia, South Carolina. At the time, his parents were not wed, and they quickly fell apart. Jenkins then lived with various family members throughout his childhood.

Jay Jenkins said this was a bad experience later. Jenkins was raised by a large extended family, but his mother had a significant impact on his development. Jenkins faced poverty as a young boy on a scale that most people can only comprehend.

Hip-hop music emerged at this period as one of his life’s few bright spots, and pursuing a career in music seemed to be one of the few practical methods to get out of poverty. However, Jay Jenkins was also drawn to crime.

Soon enough, he discovered that he was connected to the Crips, a significant American gang. His criminal activities included the sale of illegal substances and black-market telephones. Jenkins was detained for drug possession but was too young to be detained, so he was sent to the Youth Challenge Academy (YCA).

Jenkins benefited from this boot camp since he left with a renewed sense of purpose. Jenkins decided to start his own business rather than carry on with his criminal lifestyle. Check out the net worths of Alan Jackson and Anthony Kiedis.

Young Jeezy’s Personal Life

Young Jeezy is renowned for his generosity; he provided Hurricane Katrina victims with a temporary place to stay in his home. Additionally, he made arrangements for 12 trucks to be transported to the survivors with food, water, and clothing.

He was detained in March 2005 for unlicensed handgun possession. However, the absence of evidence led to the dismissal of his case. He started his clothing line in 2006 and planned to call it USDA.

He called it “8732” when the U.S. Department of Agriculture objected because those are the phonetic representations of the USDA’s initials. Jadarius Jenkins and Shyheim Jenkins are his two sons.

He was taken into custody on January 4, 2014, on suspicion of assault, false imprisonment, and terrorist threats against his son Jadarius. Later, Young Jeezy was freed after posting a $45,000 bond.

Young Jeezy Net Worth
Young Jeezy’s Net Worth

Young Jeezy Career

His passion for the music business inspired him to start Corporate Thugz Entertainment, a new record label imprint. CTE World would later come to be known as this. Jenkins quickly learned that managing a record business required long hours, paperwork, and desk time.

Jenkins decided to take matters into his own hands since he has always had a good ear for music and natural skill. Lil J was Jenkins’ first stage moniker. He issued Thuggin’ Under the Influence, his debut album, under this name.

Even though the record appeared out of nowhere, it still created quite a stir in 2001. This was primarily because numerous well-known people, including Lil Jon and Kinky B, worked on the record with Jenkins.

Jenkins later released Come Shop Wit Me, which contained the songs from his debut album in addition to previously unheard music. Through Jenkins’ record label, these two albums were independently released.


Jenkins, now better known as “Young Jeezy” in the music industry, took a significant step in 2004 when he joined the group Boyz n da Hood. His first record label representation came with his joining the group: Bad Boy Records.

Boyz n da Hood gave the ideal platform for Young Jeezy to achieve even greater levels of recognition and success as a solo artist after releasing a self-titled album in 2005. His big break came when Shakir Stewart, the VP of Def Jam Records, saw his demo reel.

As soon as Stewart recognized Jeezy’s talent, he showed L.A. Reid the reel of the artist. He’d be a fantastic signing for Def Jam Records, according to Reid and Stewart. Young Jeezy signed with Def Jam even though many other labels were interested in him after his success, thanks to Reid and Stewart’s influence.

Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation 101 was Young Jeezy’s first significant studio album. The album sold 172,000 units in its first week and debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Top 200. Collaborations with other well-known performers, like Mannie Fresh and Akon, are included in the 2005 release.

Young Jeezy quit Boys n da Hood after finding success as a solo artist. The Inspiration, Young Jeezy’s second album, was released in 2006. It sold over 350,000 units in its first week and peaked at number one on the Billboard Top 200.

More well-known performers, like R. Kelly, collaborated on the record, which was eventually given a platinum certification. In 2008, Young Jeezy followed this up with The Recession, another number-one album on the Billboard Top 200. This Grammy-nominated album featured artists including Kanye West and Nas.

Young Jeezy changed his name to “Jeezy” in 2009. He also made a release announcement for Thug Motivation 103 at this time. But throughout the following several years, Jeezy would work with numerous artists and release a lot of hit tracks.

Thug Motivation 103 wouldn’t be made available until 2011, many years later. Jeezy had released several tracks off the album before it was officially released in December, including the renowned song “Ballin” with Lil Wayne. When it came out, the album opened at number three on the Billboard Top 200 and quickly reached 233,000 units sold.

Young Jeezy’s Net Worth

A rapper from the United States named Young Jeezy has a 10 million dollar fortune. The early to late 2000s saw Young Jeezy’s peak popularity under the moniker “Jeezy.” He established himself at this time, becoming one of the most well-known artists of the day. The rapper is renowned for his distinctive, raspy vocal delivery.

Young Jeezy asserted that despite his widespread success, he never put fame and money before his music. The primary issue, in Jeezy’s opinion, was getting his message out there and gaining popularity in the streets. The Atlanta rapper makes up to $60,000 plus travel per appearance.

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