Jim Howe Daughter: The Heartbreaking Story of Racing Star Legend!

In January 2022, Jim Howe lost his cherished daughter, Sienna. Jimmy and Blayze Howe, Jim Howe’s sons, are both. Howe is the father of three kids: two with Amanda, his wife, and one other child. But in January 2022, his 22-year-old daughter passed away.

Howe resides in Crossville, Tennessee, with his family. Jim was inspired to become a racer by his family’s Crossville Dragway, which has been in operation for many years. Over the past ten years, he has prioritized his family and neighborhood.

At the start of 2022, the reality star unfortunately encountered a truly horrible situation involving his daughter. What precisely transpired to her, then? To learn all known details, continue reading.

Is Jim Howe Daughter Dead?

Jim is well-known to most fans because of his racing abilities, but the celebrity has gone through a lot of emotional hardship. Specifically, the passing of Sienna Howe, his daughter. Early in 2022, Jim detailed the incident on Facebook, explaining how his child had tragically passed away.

“Last night my little girl Sienna Howe was at a birthday party having a good time,” he shared on Facebook on Jan. 10. “Laughing, eating with family and friends. Healthy. A cancer survivor with a lifetime of dreams. The sweetest girl, you’ve ever met. A girl that loves life. That loves everyone. This morning I get a call that 911 has been called and she’s having a hard time breathing. I’m 800 miles away. So we start hauling tail home. By 7.30 she had stopped breathing and EMS is doing CPR for 13 minutes.”

Jim Howe Daughter

Jim said, “By 11 am she’s been own to Vanderbilt and is in a Coma and on a Vent to make her breath. We don’t know why, Her brain has severe swelling and the prognosis is not sounding good. I’m sorry I have not answered calls or texts. We’ve been here with her for several hours. The next 24 are very crucial. Thank you for your prayers and please keep them going. I have no words but… I’m positive God has his hands on her and knows the best path for our future. I will update as I can. Thank you all.”

Sadly, Sienna passed away soon after Jim told the fans what had happened. Later, on January 12, he posted on Facebook to share the tragic news of the 22-year-old’s passing.

“The most precious person in the world has gained her wings today,” he said. “Sienna Howe has fought the world and smiled every day. Sienna brightened everyone’s day she made contact with.”

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She was a pleaser, he continued. “She was a pleaser. She loved animals and seen the good in everyone. My heart is broken, but I praise God for giving us the time he did with her. As a father, I was here to teach her and guide her. The thing is, she taught me a lot.”

Jim concluded by considering the overall scenario and sharing more details about his grieving process. “I know she is at peace now and God needed another angel,” he wrote at the time.

“Because she was the purest person I’ve ever known. The world will surely miss her. I will update everyone on arrangements when I can. Thank all of you for the texts and calls and most of all for the prayers. I love you Sienna. She was my princess. And what I would give for that Daddy-Daughter date today.” See the Facebook post here:

Who Is Jim Howe Wife & Children?

Jim Howe and his wife Amanda are currently content in their marriage. Since over ten years ago, the couple has maintained their vows. On December 31, 2013, the final day of 2013, they got married. In Crossville, Tennessee, Amanda and her husband are the owners of Big Jim’s Bonding, a bail bonds company.

She is a Hillsborough County, Florida native who also loves cars, just like her spouse. Blayze Howe is the name of the couple’s kid. Blayze, his youngest kid, was born on May 6, 2016.

He had previously been married to Julie-Cristie Barone. James Daniel Howe, a son, and Sienna Gabrielle Howe, a girl, are both born to the now-divorced couple. Jimmy, a.k.a. James, was born on June 1st, 2005. He currently works for his family’s Howe Motorsports business.

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