What is the Truth of Johnny Cash Black Wife? The Secret Finally Revealed!

Discover the story of Johnny Cash’s marriage to a black woman. Learn about their unique tale! Did Johnny Cash’s first wife come from Africa? How did they meet, and what was their connection like? Explore intriguing details about Vivian Liberto, the young lady who captured Johnny Cash’s heart.

Uncover their love story, how they tied the knot, and the challenges they faced. Delve into the reasons behind their eventual separation and what unfolded in Vivian’s life afterward. Gain insights into lesser-known aspects of Johnny Cash’s life and how his first wife influenced his renowned singing career.

Who is Johnny Cash Black Wife?

Vivian Liberto was the first wife of Johnny Cash. They first met when Vivian was only 17 years old at a figure skating competition. Despite their marriage facing problems later on, their love still remained. Vivian Liberto was born on April 23, 1934.

Although she was born in Italy, she grew up in the United States in a religious Catholic family along with her brother, Raymond Alvin Liberto. Johnny Cash, a famous musician from the past, was someone she met at a figure skating competition. They began dating before Johnny had to go to Germany for his US Air Force service.

Johnny Cash Black Wife

They were together for about three weeks before he left. While Johnny was in Germany, they kept their relationship strong through letters. They got married with only close family and friends present. Eventually, Vivian decided to divorce Johnny Cash. She said it was because he had a serious drug addiction and was unfaithful.

Their divorce was completed in 1966. Afterward, Vivian met and married a man named Distin, who was a police officer in Ventura. She spent her later years in that city after retiring.

Look at the beautiful picture of the Cash nuclear family below:

Who is Johnny Cash Black Wife

Unveiling the Hidden Heritage: Johnny Cash’s First Wife and Her Surprising Roots!

A recent DNA test brought surprising news about Johnny Cash’s family history. It turns out that Vivian Liberto, who believed she had Sicilian, German, and Irish roots, actually had some ancestry connected to enslaved individuals. The test revealed that Liberto’s great-great-grandmother was a Black slave.

Rosanne Cash, Johnny Cash’s daughter, decided to take a DNA test after watching an episode of a show called “Finding Your Roots” with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. in February. This show helped her discover that her grandmother’s great-great-grandmother was Black. The woman’s name was Sarah Shields, and she had eight siblings.

They were freed from slavery because their father was white. Sarah eventually married a white man, and their children were considered white too. Johnny Cash, the famous country star, faced challenges due to drug abuse, which led to his marriage with June Carter ending.

A photo of Vivian Liberto in court to support Cash showed her with a dark skin tone. This caused some white extremists to call for a boycott of Cash’s music.

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